Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mouth Open, You're High!

Relationships aren't complicated. In most instances it's about figuring out what the other person wants from the affinity. Unfortunately, there are people that aren't looking for anything logical and they don't follow a particular path. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with because they just want to watch the world burn. These people are used to getting hurt and end up pushing everyone away!!!! I have heard some stories over the years, but to criticise my parenting to advance a version of events is an act of desperation. Apparently to enjoy music you have to be a certain type? There were no complaints when you were seated in the upper tier at Camden Roundhouse, or when you travelled to South London to be my guest. People have short memories when it's convenient!

I hoped to find a resolution at the weekend, because I have much more pressing matters than worrying about someone that has no loyalty. I spent the afternoon at Ascot Racecourse with my son, we watched the qualifying for the Red Bull Air Race and got to meet Danny MacAskill. It had been a challenging few days for my son because there was a situation with some other children. Ascot providing the perfect distraction and it was great to see him so enthusiastic about the various side attractions. That evening I travelled to North Greenwich. I had introduced my previous girlfriend to 2020 Vision Recordings and had a feeling she would be there with her sister for the event. I arrived with good intentions but departed earlier than I had anticipated and still fighting for peace!