Thursday, December 11, 2014

She's Electric

Well the morning was complete. There was tears as the music fade ― I tried to change the beat. She was the soundtrack to my summer and back then I didn't need any competition because I had everything. This blog should be overflowing with stories about our shared experiences but a dream you dream alone is only a dream. In the beginning there were complications but regardless of what had gone before this should have been a different outcome. So often we ended up talking over each other, not allowing ourselves to let down our guard and see things from the others’ perspective.

A few mistakes ago I travelled to Manchester where I was introduced to her younger sibling at a festival. I wanted to make a lasting impression and we became friends, but this eventually created a problem. I'm too protective and can't ignore a cry for help, especially when they're alone. Curiosity becomes a heavy load, will force you to be cold. I started this weekend attempting to win some prizes playing bingo. I had a few lines and came close to completing a full house game. The night continued afterwards and the following morning I slept through my alarm and missed the coach to Leeds. I had other ideas but decided to honour the original arrangement. Apollonia were incredible that night. She was amazing too but we were soon tearing apart the ties that bind. Is this the beginning of the end? The coach pulled away from the station and disappeared around the bend. I have tried to do what's right and didn't want to hurt anyone!