Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I hate APR as just when you think everything is all good you realise that there is a big sting in the tail. Got given the sums today on what I will be expected to pay back and as much as it's dressed up I am paying a lot so going to go back into the water and fish about. Lets forget fishing anyway as I am drowning here haha. What makes me laugh is that they make it out like they are doing me a favour with the high APR. Right and who's money is it being spent?? Anyway we are going to drop our valuation cost of what we want to reflect the massive APR costs as we are bent over a barrel as we do need a motor.

I am sure tonight that the baby took her first proper steps but it was really sudden when I got home and through her excitement she did it and couldn't do it again. Get ready for the boot camp kiddo as the intensity is going to step up a notch now haha. Just messing she is getting closer to lift off all the time and I am hoping that when she does get her balance that I am there to see it!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Are we close

We've decided on a car and were hoping to get it all sorted today but the person sorting it out wasn't in the office. The finance is all confirmed it's just sorting out all the details. Work was really busy today and we were on one with barely a minute spare as there were loads of customers that needed help. Lately my girl has got well on it with Ebay and we are making a few sales now which is good news as after paying out so much for my car accident we need all the money we can get this month. Tonight I don't think we are doing too much just watching Britains Next Top Model and I won't deny it I am a fan. Also my friend is going to pop around so we are going to try and get him into it haha. Just had a sunbed and looking on top of the world, good day to you!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The lights are on but will anyone ever be home

Today we had an easy day, we were considering going to Bluewater to check out the High School Musical bus but instead decided to take it easy and then venture out to the park. As usual I ended up carrying home the kids toys, I seriously don't learn my lesson here. Until the next time when I hope to be stronger to their powers of persuasion. Anyway the day was going well until approximately 6pm when it when so pear shaped you could smell pear. Anyway it started when my girls sister came around and the dog left a present for her in the front room. That was only the start though and I received a phone call from my children's mother. Now she had given me no indication that the plan would deviate from her picking them up. With me not having a car it would be a lengthy procedure and a long bus journey endured.

Well her car was in the garage getting repaired and her attitude was in need of repair as well as she flew into one with the usual outbursts. It's great hearing about how bad of a parent I am and the lack of time I have for my children. Weren't really interested in hearing this though as I was trying to find a solution for getting them picked up as there was no alternative and the bus would have left me with a four hour round trip. Wouldn't have minded had I been told earlier but at 6pm it wasn't fair. Her reasons were weak and that she was relaxing with her fella amongst other things. See me and my partner would love a chance to have a relax as they have every weekend to do as they please but yet I am the bad one.

Introducing to the arena the hunk of the high roads 'Furious' Faz Motar as her fella comes on the phone. I wasn't sure whether he was putting on a pretend voice or trying to put me in my place either way it wasn't well rehearsed. Anyway the whole thing was pathetic the exchange and how we came across. Not sure what their side of the argument was and why he started talking to me about money. Also I didn't get why they found it so funny as they were loving like they were doing something naughty. Anyway the children picked up on it and it made me feel like a proper failure. Especially as my daughter told me that she would be just ignoring them both when she got there and my boy said that he didn't like the guy anyway. It's all about being the adult here and none of us took on that role. Note to everyone here if one fails then all fail in this instance. Luckily their aunt picked them up, hopefully getting a car will be sorted as soon as possible!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

London Calling...

Decided for something to do today we would go into Central London and see where the mood would take us. Maybe to a park or to the shops or to take in some sites. We decided that we would go to Piccadilly and check out some of the stores. The journey was a lot of fun, well for me and my girl anyway as we got to posing and setting a standard for the afternoon. It was like the introduction to something like Mission Impossible though with the music and the fuse burning down as I hadn't charged my phone so we only had a limited amount of battery before I would run out.

The tube was funny as I got my children well concerned by trying to get them to put on their seat belts. They rummaged about briefly before looking to me and in pretend symbolising putting a seat belt over them. The journey was quick and we soon descended on to the streets with a lean and London faces in gear. It was like a stampede around Trocadero so we went in for a look around but where we were hungry instead of bowling we headed to McDonalds where we weren't impressed with the lack of seating. I managed to drop a drink as well but it ended well and we chilled out on the seats. The Puppy was looking a little flustered but we gave her some water and she soon chilled out. I think in future though we won't bring her along as it's a long day for her.
After our McDonalds we decided that Carnaby Street was the one, and as luck turned out there was a Green where we were able to let the dog out to stretch her legs. Picked up a coffee and headed to the store that sells BBC clothes, Pharrell's clothing that is not the British Broadcasting Corporation haha. Then we checked out a few more stores and tried on some sunglasses before heading on to Hamleys.

I love Hamleys and no matter how old you are if you don't have fun in here then you are a total bore. Sadly my battery ran out but plan B was my girls camera which we took some wicked photos with of us wearing accessories. I will update later!! Journey home was long but then again when is it ever straight forward!!