Monday, December 31, 2007

What's the time Mr.Wolf

Well a lot has changed in the last year with new personnel not just at work but also in my personal life. My girlfriend and baby being the most noteable additions and they have really made my year and got me on the right track. Where before I was a bit like a male Britney falling out of clubs and ending up in dodgy situations now I have stability and I am a lot more forward thinking. Wish that I saw my friends more but on the upside I see my children loads which I wasn't really doing last year. I am well happy at the moment and going into 2008 full of expectation. One thing that won't change though is the childrens efforts to ambush me are still not going to work for a few more years at least!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wild stallions

Decided today that we would head over to Thurrock, my kids had some money on them that they had got for Christmas so we thought it would be an adventure helping them spend. Was a bit hectic searching around though and after eating and a toilet break we got some order into our search. Found a wallet for my boy in H&M that he was all over and got my daughter some bits as well before heading back to base camp. Here it was more about organisation for tomorrow and cleaning the house up. Well we made a start anyway! We all had an earlier night as New Years Eve is going to be a long one and not just for the children either...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Toy story

Been a hectic few months getting everything ready for Christmas and out of all the technical and wonderful presents the children got the main one being played is a water based doodle mat. It is a lot of fun though and I have got them on it with drying the canvas quickly with the hair dryer. It is a great gift though as even we get involved with it although it hasn't overtaken the Etch-a-Sketch type toy which took on added precidents with these two scary looking twin dolls bought for baby over Christmas. They are like something from The Shining and I can't see how any child would want them leering at them. Even my daughter said she was afraid of them after hearing us messing about and leaving written notes on the Etch-a-Sketch with them. Be aware people these dolls are out there!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wishing my car was Bumblebee!

My sister and her boyfriend came over tonight, with them they brought my children as their mum is going to Amsterdam for a few days. Not sure what's good over there this time of year as I didn't think it was renowned for being tropical or having beautiful beaches. We got to playing and opening the majority of toys trying to keep them all occupied. Think that me providing them with Coca Cola was not a good idea as they were on one. My boy and baby are a bit under the weather at the moment as neither are full of beans. After food we watched Transformers which Santa got us for Christmas. Movie went down really well and the special effects look quality. After the movie I checked out what's next on the agenda from Michael Bay and was pleased to see that there is a Transformers sequel in the works. I will definitely catch that in theatres when it launches. I also came across the above movie and this also looks full of promise. After the movie we drew pictures of each other and lets just say there were a few glancing looks doing the rounds hahaha x

Thursday, December 27, 2007

No one can stop us now!!

With our Christmas vouchers to spend we headed over to Bluewater today to see what was available. And I was kind of disappointed as the shop I was looking forward to spending some money in had a really disappointing sale. Although there were signs up promising up to 70% off the good stuff was no where near that figure. On top of that everything was in Large sizes and upwards and there was a lot of old seasons clothing on display. Well annoying but I will save my vouchers for something better as I have a few months until they expire. Glad that we went cinema the other day as there was a huge queue today. We weren't planning on going again so we had a meal and then headed off to relax at home. According to Scientists it's about this time of year where relationships hit meltdown due to a culmination of stress and burn out. Where holding in there although I have stocked up on grenades and sand bags just in case we hit a downward spiral!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To the shops to catch a cold

After all the present opening the day before my girl still had one thing on her mind, and that was to get more gifts in the Sales. We headed over to Canterbury to have a look around but I found it to be low key as a lot of the shops weren't open. Managed to get the girls a few items and my girl picked up some essentials before we headed back to her parents house to pick up baby. On arriving I heard the news that Chelsea had drawn 4-4 with Aston Villa, was not great news, maybe scoring four is good but conceeding four is not and clearly we have serious problems down at the bridge. Now along with the injuries we have two suspensions due to sending offs and I think it's good bye to being 07/08 Premiership Champions. Anyway after picking up baby we headed to my mum's for dinner and more presents and then at home now after watching the Chelsea match I am crying. Trying to peel the tattoo from my lip and shaking my head at my Mourinho book. Goodnight world!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Possibly more stops than Santa!

So months of planning and here we are, even though we were two family members down the day started well, but later than I had hoped. I woke up the kids by turning on the light and they were down stairs like a shot. 'Santa's been, Santa's been' was what got me moving. Spoke to my girl and they had been up ages which I knew meant I had to get a shift on! And that I did as after opening presents and playing with some toys we moved on to destination two which was my family and feeling under it already after all the rushing about my mum settled me with a coffee.
My brother is gradually building his control centre and with a High Def Television and games chair it clearly proves go to your room is no longer a punishment haha! Anyway after rocking out here and spending some time with my family I headed off to the next destination which was the kids Grandparents to meet up with their mother and then after a quick stop at my mum's I headed off to the final destination feeling a bit like Santa which was to see my girl...

There was a brief hold up on the motorway as there was a Jam leading into Dartford, I was rocking out to the Klaxons before some guy next to me wound down his window and started yelling at me. No idea why but hey I am not going to be shy, he told me he was getting out of his car which I figured was good for him and told him to do just that and although he opened his door twice he clearly lacked the minerals. Although this altercation went on across several lanes with me eventually out manouvering him anyway and leaving him with a novelty wave and wishing I had shown him my Jingle Bells. After eventually getting in front of the traffic I was soon with my girl and her family and enjoying the rest of Christmas. A lot of rushing about but well worth it!