Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Get it on

I am home early eating peanut butter on toast, you know haha. Going to make a move in a few minutes to head to my childrens school to see their teachers. I love being involved but I feel strange in the playground as if all eyes are on me as if I have done something really bad. It makes me feel uneasy but when I hear the cheer from my daughter leaving her class it makes it all the worthwhile. I know it shouldn't matter what the randoms think but it does as I am representing my children and I don't want them to think of their dad as a loser. Me and their mother don't seem to be arguing as much now so hopefully there is closure coming through now and about time to. I hope so anyway as I don't want our disagreements to affect our children too much. It's not like I am going to release a load of music putting her down, going down the path of reffering to Eminem I have provided a sample below of his next single ;

Anyway after tonight I am going to find myself somewhere to watch the football. Although there will be many people that disagree, I honestly feel that there is no bigger club game in the world at the moment than Chelsea Vs Barcelona. It is an amazing fixture and it's great that we have had the opportunity to play against them frequently over the last couple of seasons. Tonight will be the sixth match and the mind games are already underway and with Barcelona having to attack it should make for a great fixture. I am optimistic but they have had a lot of criticisms recently and I think that will give them the edge. We haven't got the best record in Spain but hopefully this will be the game. Looking forward to it anyway, lets get it ON !!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Party boy

Yesterday ended with some random fun as I found some sexy sunglasses and represented. How good do I look as this is the look I am going for next summer, hear me now haha. Well loving this wkd side and feeling like testing the response in Zens next week. Anyway watched Fight Club again last night and no matter how many times I see that movie it doesn't get boring.

Today I felt like I was on my man period don't ask me why but felt a little deflated but not enough to damage my mojo in anyway. Work was just a typical monday, had a good day though although my last call of the day was a downer as I hate not being able to resolve issues. A low key day really though and tomorrow should be good as I have my daughters opening evening and I am hoping to get something in place with the teacher where I can be kept in the loop about her development needs and progression. Fingers crossed anyway !!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

back in the room

So Saturday night was all about celebrating a birthday apparently but I didn't get informed whose birthday it actually was but I enjoyed the night so happy birthday fella. Everyone was in good spirits and I set myself up with a bottle of Lambrini on the journey to meet up with my friends. Sounds weak admitting that but hey it gets my ball rolling and for less than £2 I am laughing and hitting my pockets ASDA style haha. We started our night in the Rat as our original start point seemed packed and couldn't be bothered to queue for ages to get a round. Once we had settled in the Rat we started a few Uni games that my friend brought to the table to try and get everyone off key.

This set the tempo and everyone was then trying to work out what to do next as no one could be bothered to go all the way to Rochester. A few suggestions were placed but the main one everyone was feeling was hitting Dartford and going to Zens. I was up for it but kind of nervous that I wasn't going to get in to the place considering what happened last time I was there. My paranoia wasn't needed as I passed through and entered the club for an enjoyable night with no real incident other than a phone being dropped into the toilet. Good to see people mixing it up with the fancy dress as some were well on it. Best costume by far though was Jason who we passed on the way home as he was wicked and looked scary as well.

Onto today and it was all about heading to Bluewater again to get a replacement phone and with having no insurance it was to prove very costly indeed. Managed to find a moped for the boy and he was well proud sitting on it and getting his photo taken. With the clocks going back it soon got dark and our tummies soon started grumbling so we went to Pizza Express to fill a void and pull off our happiest scary faces.

After that it was off home and a wave goodbye to my children who disappeared off into the night once their mum picked them up. Later dudes and instead of getting in the mix tonight I decided to brew my party mood until next week when Friday/Zens should be well on the agenda !!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The day out

Hopefully tonight will mean me geeting back into Zens although been informed that the boys are heading to Amadeus and well not feeling that as it's a proper distance. Finally made it to the circus today even though running a little late but we didn't miss too much. There were some great performers and I was well impressed with the flexibility of some of the people performing as they were like elastic. My children were amazed at some of what was being pulled and I was as well as they really pulled off what they were doing. If Billy Smarts is in your area any time soon make sure that you check it out as it's value for money. My boy was on it with food and drinks and we had to treck right from the common down into Blackheath to reach a cash point and back again to keep him topped up haha. Well enjoyed it though and after the show headed homeward for my children to be picked up and for me to get ready for my first night out in what seems like an age !!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Feeling heavy

My children slept around with me last night, must remember not to get the boy to on the Pepsi as he was a terror to get to sleep but he eventually did. In the morning I was greeted by the news that I had to go and pay a bouncer down Zens a visit about coming back which hopefully won't mean me just being bored off as that would be a waste of a journey but least it will get my Friday night back.

Went Bluewater today on my day off with a view to getting my haircut and going circus, One out of two isn't bad and was going to treck to the circus after but both my children fell asleep so decided to take them home and when they woke they played with their toys.

I don't have many days off at work but today seemed to fly by, even my daughter kept asking if it was still morning and I obviously told her it was being on a wind up but when it started getting dark she was left scratching her head haha. My parents have pinned our Sky so when it gets late and they aren't around I basically can't watch anything. I so long to be an adult and grace pastures new haha !!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reliable Transport Service

Was hoping to go to the Circus tonight, although how my boy puts it 'The Circle' haha. Anyway those plans are on hold now until tomorrow as for some reason my train line was out of service this evening meaning that I was late home and unable to get ready in time. My children didn't seem to mind too much though which is cool so instead I will be taking them tomorrow. Booked a day off as well which is a touch so we'll shoot over there after I have got my haircut. Today was well quiet at work as it seems that all our customers are happy and have no need to call us. If only that were true, then again I would be out of a job if that was the case. Need to use up my holiday so going to probably book a few more days off over the coming weeks. Want to have days off where I can see my children though as it makes it more worthwhile and not just a skive. Anyway tonight we'll probably enjoy a takeaway and a movie. A few of my friends are Zens bound and are going to try and get me back in the mix with talking to the bouncers. Hopefully it all comes good as I miss my Friday regular haha. Until tomorrow !!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Avid Merrion and Sacha Baron Cohen are proper legends, they have so much front it makes me roll up. I think that they are both comic genius and their humour is both original and shocking. Well looking forward to seeing the Borat movie and I have read a lot about the controversy and also seen pictures from him at the premier. I have so got to get me one of those skinny piano ties, if anyone knows where I can pick one up in the UK respond to this post haha.

Onto Avid Merrion anyway and his new series has started recently called Bo in the USA. I have linked to a couple of clips in this post and there are plenty more available on YouTube and I am sure over the coming weeks there will be a lot more added. You have to love the first clip as Russell Brand comes across well nervous as I'm sure he doesn't know what to expect. The second clip is well funny as it's Pete Doherty showing his true addiction haha.

Onto events in my life and last night I just went for a meal, didn't bother with cinema as I had some wine *sleeping potion* and just needed to go to bed. Tried to firm it but it just wasn't having it and I felt my eyes being pushed shut haha. This morning the children came around early as they were around to pick up the shoes I had got them from the night before. Although they loved them they still had to get them changed as Kickers come up small, note to parents make sure you buy them 2 sizes bigger. Other than that not too many significant events have occurred, a guy at work was mysteriously sacked and not sure why he was cool and I felt like he provided answers and value. All the best to you fella and hope you make it big. What's in store next, who is next on the chop list, I'm scared and hoping that someone will provide me with a security blanket. And not the guy who sits next to me at work as yes going to bed with a Samurai sword seriously yells out issues, just kidding, or keeping the peace haha. My boy paid me a visit tonight, I love him as he is wicked, we played boats and then set up a race track.

Then I found that he had some dog fun on his shoes and I feel like my nose is permanently burnt haha. My daughter wasn't on the scene as she was around her friends house but it was good to see my boy as he is a wicked little character !!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Paying bills is fun

Today has gone really slow but an ex-colleague livened up my afternoon as he was on a wind up and I was feeling proper mischievous as well so was loving it. Actually this afternoon has been a laugh, I had some compliance that I had to go through this morning but I was able to just zone out and listen to my ipod while going through that. Once that was complete the afternoon has picked up but still today seems to have dragged. With my children on half time I so wish I was with them as speaking to there mother this morning she sounds like she could do with a break. I know that you read this so allow me to get involved with them as I want to help, I am not this enemy that you make me out to be as I want to be there for them.

Sorted out the parking tickets this morning finally as I paid for them even though I am sure that they were paid originally three years ago. Oh well it's done now, I don't currently have a vehicle so not likely to get anymore tickets. Onto the car and I am going to just distance from trying to get the car back as there's too much small print and I am done with aggrevation as it's so drawn out. Think tonight I am going to have a mooch over to Bluewater to get my children some shoes and see if there are any decent coats about. Probably none that I will like or be able to afford so will likely come back empty handed. Should be going cinema later as well so expect review type update tomorrow !!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I hate missing nights out

I hate missing a night out as there is always something that occurs, probably the reason I try and get out as much as possible. Anyway this morning I awake fresh as a daisy, pick up my mobile to see if there is any occurance and I have a message informing me that Jodie Marsh had attended the club we go to. Screwing as although I am not exactly a fan it still would have been a laugh getting her involved in some banter and seeing what she is like in person. Oh well haha, anyway after having a shower we had a brief power cut and then I surfed down to the train station. Slight exaggeration there but it does seem miserable in the UK at the moment and it won't be long until I am swimming to the station and washing up at work drenched through. Today at work was alright, finally going to get a new chair but it's going to be hard saying goodbye to my current one as we have become quite attached and I have my Homer spot haha.

At the moment I am just checking out some music online and there are some proper tunes out and a lot more on the way. I need to get a new ipod as need more space but I am thinking like I will wait a little longer as I am loving the look of the Zune. I have linked to it below for anyone not up on this as it definitely is the way forward. On a different note I got paid today and how much of a downer it was as I have had so much to pay out so going to have an easy month so I don't have to borrow from all corners. Bring on the weekend haha !!

Follow me...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Count Down

That's right I am counting down now as tomorrow is finally payday, although I have a sneaking suspicion that next month is going to be effort as well, and the month after that and that haha. Nah next month should be alright, I have a lot to pay out but once that's done everything should click into place. I find myself sitting in this evening, none of the boys seemed to be in the mix tonight and I think that everyone gets paid over the course of this week so next weekend should be legendary. I know I am looking forward to it as should be good, with everyone on it with funds there should be some proper laughs.

My daughter seems a lot better today, wasn't really on the pace early but after a bath her and my boy were lively. Shame that she was ill and the weekends been a wash out as wanted to go down the park but didn't really want to drown them in the rain. Can't believe that I am not out tonight but the way I see it is that steering clear will mean that next week is that much better, supposedly, I'll be posting here regardless. Had a day of football matches and was impressed with all the games shown, obvious results in the Premiership but I expected Barca to bounce back but they were still under par and lost 2-0 to Real Madrid. Looking forward to the away game in the Champions League although I expect it will be a different Barcelona then. Anyway ladies and gentlemen goodnight and let the games begin from tomorrow...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Here we go !!

In a twist to previous Fridays though we decided to go for a meal as where it's the end of the month not too many people appear to be on it due to funds. The meal was well nice and we had the happiest person in the world serving us so definitely going to go back there. She was a legend and apparently she has a band as well which sounds like fun, might have to check out band camp to see how it goes on there. After the meal it wouldn't be a Friday with stepping foot in Dartford so headed there from Lloyds and ended up in Crush which is alright but there seemed to be a real lack of movement from people dancing. I was poised with my camera to take some pictures but the crowd we ended up with didn't seem to interested so tried to work my moves and felt off key, even more so than usual haha. Anyway we stayed here for a while and then we were off into the night ready for the weekend ahead !!