Friday, August 31, 2007


Well Big Brother finished this evening and that's that! I was surprised that Brian won as the papers were on it with bet forecasts and it seemed to be really leaning toward the twins winning. Whether that's just the newspapers I read trying to sway public opinion. Teaches me for believing everything I read, surely it's true if it's on the Internet though hey? September 11th fake? America didn't really land on the moon? Elvis is still alive? Anyway the toilet broke last night and trying to work the lever it appears that it's well out of action now. Where using a bowl at the moment to flush the toilet, what fun! I love as it splashes up at me as I hit it at a wrong angle. It's like being at a Theme Park going down the log flume haha! Anyway got a fella coming around to sort it tomorrow.

Not sure if I will see my children this weekend, I swear at least once a month we have a conflict week. Wonder why that is, could it be their mother is a Werewolf. She's definitely something I give her that as after getting my children some school clothing last week, this week they are needing a load more. So plimsolls, trainers, coats, an encyclopedia, quill, calligraphy set, laptops. Breeeeeze! I wouldn't mind but I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment so she should mind her own finances before getting on my back!! London's calling tomorrow, so once the plumbers been where going to answer that call!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm so fly

Going to start interviewing people as replacements for my team over the next week, person today was unique to say the least. I didn't think he was that bad to be honest but I think that he did come across a little too confident. My manager wasn't feeling him at all and I think if I were the person being interviewed I would have crumbled. Saying that he did a brain dump wasn't the way to impress though. Academics need to be earned not dumped my friend. I am feeling I need to get some grades behind me, wish I could rework my life sometimes as there are a few things I would change but then again leading a different path I wouldn't have got to meet some of the people I have met. Like my girl for example, wouldn't likely have got on MySpace at the time I did and made contact had I not been flying. Then again same with her as if things were different she would be elsewhere. Fiona in the tower without the power! No Ronaldinho coming was the news today from Kenyon and no anyone for the time being which was a shame. Got a decent Champions League draw but in all honesty if all the English teams don't progress I will be surprised. Big Brother finale tomorrow, can't wait...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buy me !!

With the news about Chelsea chasing Ronaldinho in full flow now. many sites are talking about the so called fantastic four at Barca. They state with the arrival of Henry that one of the above may be leaving. It's stated that although not liked behind the scenes Eto'o it the boy and with Messi the fans favourite that leaves Ronnie. I think that it would be great to see him but I see it as highly unlikely as he is adored there and this is probably just the agent trying to get him a wage increase at Barca. Settling into work alright now but it's evident I need more money so I have applied for a few evening and weekend jobs. The way I see it is that to nail down a house and start building a decent future I need to put in the hours now so that I can ease of later in life. If all the jobs I applied for this evening were to accept me I would be earning well over 50k. Downside of that would be that I wouldn't see my children and partner. Where's that lottery win or instead of paying £85 million for Ronnie, Roman could give it to me to look after!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Walk this way

Here's a clip taken from yesterday, it's the family trying to get the baby walking. She is really mobile now and can stand up and also change direction. Was back to work today and it felt really odd, someone else had left and also some members of my team will be leaving shortly which is disappointing for me. I'll have to train up some noobs I expect haha. I don't mind though, I enjoy meeting new people and relating to them. Big news at the moment is that of the presumed bid that Chelsea will make for Ronaldinho before the transfer window closes. It would be amazing to see him at the bridge but I feel that it won't materialise. Chelsea are the only team able to trigger the £85 million buy out clause but like some papers I expect that it's his brother/Agent that is trying to negotiate a new contract. Sources state though that the so called Fantastic Four at Barca will see one of them leave. Eto'o is big there even if not liked and Messi is the fan favourite, with Henry the newest addition it could mean the exit door for the biggest smile in football. I think not though but lay in hope, F5ing the news pages haha!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Making waves

So to the Bay of Herne we went and with us came the sunshine, it was a wicked day and although we weren't too on it with the time keeping we made it. All be it a little later than we anticipated but that didn't matter too much. After being greeted by my girls family we got ourselves together and headed down to the beach with fishing nets and a bucket and spade. We're going Shark hunting baby! The tide was still in as we hit the beach, so we just tip-toed up to the waters edge. I figured I would try and get my girl wet so that was my aim. First we rein acted a scene from Karate Kid and after pretending to throw the children in my attention turned to my main target. She was easy as well and eager to get me back but she failed haha. We were on the beach for a while but headed back for a delightful barbecue. Shame that summer hasn't been that great this year as wouldn't have minded getting in on a few more of them. In fact wouldn't have minded hosting them, luckily for us a spare barbecue was available that we will pick up on a future visit when not so overloaded with children...

Round two on the beach and this time we brought the dogs, the tide was right out not and we trecked out some distance. Deciding to abandon our flip flops as we were proper slopping about haha. We walked about for a while until the Puppy got bothered and my girls mum took the dogs back leaving us to carry on with our crab hunting. There were fish in the pools as well but sadly we didn't come across any sharks. We walked about taking photos for a while and then headed back to base before heading off home...