Sunday, September 30, 2007

Usual Suspects

Bit of a mad one today, well the last 24 hours really. Think we're coming down with something, dunno what though as it's like someone has got a mixing bowl, mixed up a remedy and posted it through the letter box. We're feeling groggy though but as they say life goes on!!
After our day in Thurrock I picked up my children from their Grandparents. Not sure what was going on round their area though as their were police everywhere, I tried my best to take a photo but got some scowls from the police so just gave my nothing I saw here smile and moved on. My children were the sleepy kids but they were hungry so we stopped to pick up some food and then they retired leaving me and my girl to crash, and crash out we did. Next day the plan was to go to China town but my boy had a party and he was eager for it as well so couldn't disappoint. The other downside was that the other side of the babies family wanted to see her so we had to wait for her return. What was funny though is that she attempted to put the make up on herself, and I would say she was successful haha.

Once they returned with her the hours quickly wound down and I headed off to the shops and to take the boy to his party. Blow Out!! The party was last week and how small did I feel, their mum phoned me up and I don't know whether it was nervous laughter but I didn't share the joke. Anyway we crashed at my parents and then I dropped them home. Well rocked out to Kanye West's Champion, this is a tune... Yes I Did!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ye Olde Thurrock

Unlike most weekends we decided to go old school this week, we were going to go to Camden but my girl is really ill so we decided to keep it local. We headed to Thurrock, before Bluewater this was the place to go for the shops but it's well and truly in the shade. We wanted to check out if it had been hard done by with that accusation, to look for a coat and to pick up a first aid kit.
Walked around for a bit and although I like the shops like Top Man, River Island and Burton I don't really feel their coats. Some were alright but it's like the designers deliberately mess them up in some detail. And for me that detail makes it a no go! My children headed over to Southend today with my parents and I was to meet them later so we didn't have them with us. After searching with no joy we ate potato's and then headed to pick up some human repair kits.After looking in some more stores we headed off, without a coat but with great wisdom. Where off to smoke pipe with big Chief, speaking of the Chief I hope to be playing Halo 3 soon, just got to wait for my Xbox to be fixed!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

You've got to want it!!

So today at work I had a sit down with the main man of my department, there's so many managers and line managers in my company I think that we are all probably a manager of something. I was a little nervous to be honest as never really spoken to him in depth and the reason I called the meeting was to sit down, explain my role and see what money I could be offered. It started off with me detailing all the things that I did and what I was planning on getting involved with over the next six months. Luckily my line manager had sent me a sheet with the details which was useful. The meeting was useful as what was explained to me came across well. Basically to progress you need to be doing your managers job so in effect the more things I take from him the higher I go. In turn he will be taking more from his manager and this goes on. So does that mean defeating your master makes you the all powerful...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roll it girl

Headed over to Bluewater again this evening, was only going over to pick the baby up a new coat over the road but we ended up on a detour. After initially getting stuck in traffic for half an hour we touched down in the shopping capital of the world. Anyone tell me otherwise you have to physically prove it and take me to the bigger shopping centre. It was quite Autumny there, if that's actually a word if not try Autumnish and if you're still failing then just think like Autumn.

We trooped about looking for something decent and after eating our last shop was the saviour as we picked out a decent coat to go with the gloves and hat picked up earlier. I'm still lacking in the winter garment area but I am loving laugh and loving my family so no one can touch me. One more day of the working week to go and then hopefully non stop fun and excitement and lazy days. If only...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Will I get to finish the fight anytime soon...

It's club Tropicana at work at the moment, check out my palm tree in the background. I am ready for my holiday and looking forward to the sun as it seems to be on a downward spiral here at work. All I need now is to remember my sunglasses, an over sized cap and a cheesy smile. In the mean time how cold is it getting now that the year moves towards the later stages. I need to invest in a coat as my knees be knocking but nevermind. Picked up some new footwear and on the cheap as well, a fiver for some plimsolls. Okay they may not last that long but that's beside the point. If you are interested then Brick Lane is the place for you...

Who are the two smiley people below, ohh it's my children. Finished work early today and headed over to base camp, they were hyped to see me which was good although my boy was that on it that he was prepared to leave the house in only his pants. Game on for him. As they didn't have any homework we headed to Bluewater for an adventure. Although the adventure was only to pick up some make up but that was a task. My children were like magnets to it and they had the urge to try and get as much on as possible.

With Halo 3 launching today I was very tempted to pick up a copy of the game. I have waited for the game for a very long time and although I will get it at some point. I don't have a working console at the moment so walking past Game my look was of lust, loving and longing. It will be mine... After shaking myself back into it and trying to hide my passionate thoughts of the Master Chief I headed to a shoe shop. Mr Smelly Feet was burning my nose so I had to change that, after pulling his trainers off in the shop there was no turning back and he soon was the owner of a very shiny, very similar to the last pair happy people pair of trainers. Ole, after this we pretty much headed home, good news that Chelsea finished 4-0 winners now for the quadruple, come on the B Team. Until the next time...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trying to make moves up the ladder!!

While at work today I started looking at Shared Ownership/Part Rent-Part Buy as apparently this will be the best way for me to get onto the property ladder. It's going to be all pastures new to me as I will have to familiarise with a lot of new terminology at a cost I expect. Going to rope in all my outstanding loans and car finance to this as well so that I only have one bill to pay. For now though it's heads down and going to try and build up as much as I can. I've signed up to a website that will get me started in getting a property. Looking back at 2006 now I feel a fool for the amount of money I wasted on nights out as if I could round up all that I would have a deposit. Oh well you do live and learn, mad thing is that when it all does work out there will be five people living in my house and from that there are four different surnames. It's going to require hard work and energy but when I eventually get sorted the rewards will be great!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Away day blues

Was not impressed with the football yesterday, went to a pub around near where my children live which was a decent family pub. Got a few drinks and then was told that they had lost their license to show live matches. Great fun!! Headed to another family pub around the corner hoping for better luck. Hate taking my children to pubs as it's not the done thing but was hoping to have a good day watch us win and then fly home in the chariot for happy days. Instead though the lack of children activity meant my children got bored Very quickly. Then came the inevitable goal as we looked weak and after the restart it just seemed to grind so we evacuated the area with the game eventually finishing 2-0.

Tried to make the best of the situation but my boy was having one of those days so it was best we leave before it went down in a bad way. Returning to my girls and I went through all their homework with them which was good. I like being able to do more with them and playing a bigger part in their learning makes me a happy bunny. Today at work there was a new starter and he seems quite normal so far, be interesting to see how long it takes for him to slip into any unusual ways. Like sleeping boy who has now left the company, well it was going to happen sooner or later!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Need a cuckoo's nest!!

Got off on the wrong foot this morning, not a good day of the year but I suppose it was like a warm kettle. It was much ado about nothing but it was something and important and it worked itself out over the course of the day. One thing to come out of this though is that I need to get myself a good nest and quick. Fed up with things like uncertainty and want to commit now and get some weight behind my own place. Not feeling renting so my next step in world domination is my conquest for a property...
Onto last nights events anyway and we headed to an engagement party and it was good fun. It was me and my girls family and this was to be a taster of our holiday apparently. The baby was on it with the disco lights and so was the majority of the other children. Dancing around and celebrating, it was a different affair as I think when I eventually have an engagement party I will probably hook up with friends and family at a local bar. Although on the money side getting a hall may be the better option than a bar. Oh I dunno cross that bridge when I come to it. Today has been a quiet one so far, just heading off now to pick up my children and then head off to the pub...