Saturday, March 31, 2007

Snakes and Ladders

It is 650 days since me and my children's mother broke up, I haven't been counting before you think let go Joe as I used this site. That is a long time but she just doesn't appear able to be amicable at all as it's all about her and if she can't get her way it's strop on-breeze out. Today was same old story as the feet got stamped and up arises the same awkward situation. It's alright ruffling feathers but what she creates leaves everyone picking up the pieces it's frustrating and boring. Here's the scenario I want played by actors -

'Hey there, just ringing to see what the plan is with the children pal'
'Oh hello there, how's it going, what time do you need me to have them mate'
'As soon as possible if that's okay friend'
'I can be there in X minutes dude'
'Excellent friend, any sooner would be appreciated'
'Wicked dear !!'

Okay so the actors sound fake, at least it's a fair conversation though and direct. Anyway the above is boring but I have to vent. I'm still no further with the car plans but I am hopeful something will materialise soon. Been looking in Auto Trader although there always seems to be something wrong with the cars I pick out. The plan for me is to get a cheap run around and get my girl passed as well so that she can get about. Then down the line get a decent vehicle which is more reasonable. I'm always thinking at the moment and looking to push myself which really makes me feel alive. Never have I had so much of an outlook as I do now, I am regretting not doing the Art course I got into in college a few years ago. Seeing my girl create her work is really inspiring and I would love to have her vision but alas I think I have lost what talent I was told I had as not done anything in a long time. Give me another roll of the dice and I know what numbers I would like to come up with hey.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Room for two, three ...

Okay so the coat must have been marked up wrong on the website as what I received was a tent. It's huge and I feel like Tom Hanks in Big or Doctor Who's son borrowing his fathers coat. Why is it so impossible to find a coat that looks half decent, even the belt I got wasn't how I imagined and what amazes me is that through a whole range of different clothes that 30/32 diviates so much between item to item. Oh well I suppose I will just have to return it and sulk haha. Think me and my girl are just just going to watch a movie tonight. Not really feeling going out tonight if I am honest as feeling ill as I reckon I have this flu that's going about. Can't keep up with my girl though as she is on it this week - from strains, flu, headaches, cold to concussion she is going for a clean sweep.
[NB : A blocked up nose is the best protection against virus :

Although it’s a nuisance when your nose is running, mucous is actually useful. It helps to keep germs, pollen and bacteria from getting to your lungs]

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where's my script...

One thing I didn't touch on yesterday is that I finally got a coat, well I ordered it actually from ASOS so it's just a case of waiting for it to be delivered. I was expecting to spend quite a bit as decent clothes for guys aren't cheap but I managed to pick this up for a well good price. It will probably fall apart in a week now haha. Why is it that when you have cash there is nothing that looks worth buying but when something else takes priority there is an abundance.
Think I will well utilise ASOS over the coming months although not going to distance from my usual shops. Making a lot of plans at the moment as well but nothing of significance just want goals and something to plan for. Feel in slow motion a bit today, don't think I am coming down ill but do feel like I need to hibernate for a bit haha. Need to also fix up with the birthday plans as the date is looming closer. Hopefully I will have my phone back in time as I am feeling naked without it haha !!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To the moon and back

Still in the hunt for a coat and last night I headed over West to go to Selfridges to have a look around. Also needed to pick up some bits for my girl as her knee strain doesn't appear to be getting better. After picking that up I headed to Selfridges to hopefully find the solution to my coat issue which has arisen due to me tearing a hole in my other. It was difficult to not get distracted here as there was a lot of decent clothing on show. I refrained from any elaborate purchases and also from getting a coat grrr. This wasn't due to not seeing anything decent just that I could see myself getting a lot.

I decided to move on and went to Boots again to pick up some other bits and this is where the mood change kicked in. My children's mother berated me on not spending enough quality time with my children in her usual panache and colourful language. Let me jump into third person perspective here and am I hearing things. I'm the one who wants to be involved more. I see it as just trying to instigate something from nothing as I have set up a structure so she gets regular money from me to support her and I just see this as low. Still though it was a knock to the confidence as I hate feeling like I am letting my children down.

Sulked it off on the Underground and when I finally got to Elephant and Castle time was clearly not on my side. It was getting dark as well but the moon I saw wasn't what I anticipated. On descending into the subway to get to the shopping centre and catch my train I came across Big Momma and she must have thought she was in her house as she wasn't holding back. Craned up against a wall and taking a pit stop, it wasn't a nice site and neither was it her acknowledging me and that she had got some on her shoe - disgusting haha.
The rest of the night was pretty much low key, enjoyed some Chinese Duck though. Definitely one of my favourite dishes wrapping it in the pancake with cucumber and the dip - You know this is the one. Anyway today has been a quiet one at work with no real action. Rushed home this evening to see my children and I can see that my boy needs a lot of attention at the moment as his little mind is constantly looking for entertainment. Just wish that they weren't used as pawns as they are beautiful children and I hate not being around them all the time.

We played for a short while and after they were picked up I headed to my girls to look after her as she isn't feeling too good and is a bit in the wars at the moment. Couldn't pick her up a Purple Heart so got her some medicine instead. Bus journeys take so long although I am trying to sort out a car but as usual these things can take time. England finally won tonight and having lost interest in the national team lately I'm glad that we've finally stepped up. I did watch the first 30 minutes but it seemed very lacklustre and listening to the news now and speaking to my brother it sounds like it was Stevie G who was the inspiration.
It's a shame though that I expect the press to nail Lampard now who wasn't playing but hey give me £100,000 a week and I would happily take the pressure haha. I know it's not all about the money as I love Frank but wish the press would be more understanding sometimes. The final score was 3-0 with Gerrard getting two and Nugent getting the third from a Defoe shot. Going off to bed now, nervous that I am going to be struck down ill like my girl, especially with the hierarchy at work making me feel like Davy Jones owns my soul at times. Oh well the beat goes on...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Note to the wise

Reading through yesterdays post forgot to write that one of the main points was taking my phone to the O2 store to be repaired. I know the phone is broken the person in the store took one look and said it had water damage but the woman who I phoned at the customer services wanted to go through the books and needed me to send across a form telling her so. What this means is that my phone is now out of the game for a fortnight and I am left using an older phone.
Very annoying especially as speaking to another fella in the store he informs me that I should have just said that it got dropped as I was insured. So this post is just for anyone out there thinking of claiming on the insurance just report the phone mullarled, smashed to pieces or whatever just don't do it the legitimate way. Yes it's misleading but then you get the replacement the next day not given an approximate of fourteen days plus grrrrrrrrr...

Monday, March 26, 2007

We need stunt doubles

Had a bad end to last night and felt rough this morning as well, figured that due to having bad headaches in the past that I would have a day off sick. Sent a message to my manager and then after taking some paracetamol I crashed out. Woke up several hours later and figured screwing as hadn't phoned in. Phoned through and all seemed alright, figured my attempts of humour in the past had led them to believe I was joking.

Lazed around for a few hours feeling sorry for myself and then managed to get back in the game and headed over to Bluewater as I tore a hole in my coat and needed to pick up another one. Takes an age to get there and today was no different as although the buses are cheaper than cabs you do have to travel about with some proper smelly people (of vinegar), stampede's of school children, wannabe gangstas and the people who blare out there phone music like they are pioneers.

Got there in the end and raced to a place to eat as having only eaten a Pop Tart for the day doesn't keep you going until early evening. After eating we done a few laps and didn't come anywhere close to getting any clothing although I did find a decent Paul Smith T Shirt but with needing to get a car that's more appealing than a T Shirt. Lately I have been quite accident prone and feel like an injured pet with one of those Satellite Dishes to stop them licking it as I have no aspect of my surroundings.

Walking into walls and whatever else gets in my path. I'm not injured yet though but my girl on the otherhand has proper done her knee in at the moment and I think coming to Bluewater was not what the doctor ordered as it really aggrevated her injury and in the end I was pushing her about in the buggy. Okay so I wasn't really as the buggy was occupied by someone who joined our group - Dora the Explorer. That's right and for five pound she can be your guest of honour as well. The sad thing was though that in the last shop we went into, Dora left us possibly to go on more exploring adventures or just that I forgot to grab her and left her in the shop.

It took an age to get home especially with the detour to mine to pick up some bits but we got back in the end even though we were at crawling pace. Night and get well soon my dear...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Make mine a Coffee

So forgeting the England performance last night which was poor I felt lost without my phone. Had an alternative one for calls but I have got used to having nights out and taking loads of random pictures. Last night me and my girl headed out and although we didn't have any plan of action we still get in the mix. With non of her friends about we were contemplating going into London but decided to settle for Bromley. The first pub we went in seemed lacking in atmosphere partly due to them not showing the football. I wasn't really interested in the game if I am honest as I have lost faith in the England team and don't rate McClaren at all. We ended up in Walkabout and the match was on here and it was no surprise seeing 0-0 as the scoreline.

And that's how it stayed until the end and the fans sulked off into the night. Not everyone left though and apart from some random incident where this group of guys dared another to pull my tie it wasn't very involved there. Me and my girl had a brief dance and chatted to my cousin before we breezed back to where we originally came from which had become more active now since people had obviously headed there since the football had finished. Stayed here a few hours and chatted to a few of her friends. There was a tilt though and I think the theme of the night should have been people who can't let go of the past. Wasn't a downer though but I think with my camera the night would have been so much more on it.

Today was alright, mainly just lazed about for the day, wasn't too sure whether I would be having my children and midday I was told that they would be going to my children's mothers parents so that was that for the weekend. Glad that yesterday went well and going to start planning some decent days out that will be good for us all. Had a funny incident this afternoon although it's one to forget so it won't be mentioned on here but still using Coffee as a work around was quick thinking if I must say haha. Going to try and upload some pictures from my camera soon as taken a few round my girls but haven't got the software on her PC to upload them. Plus with being only able to charge it so that it lasts a few minutes it's not worth taking out so seriously need to get it replaced now...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Under starters orders

With yesterday being the launch or beginning if you like of the Playstation 3 in Europe (launched in Japan and US at the end of last year) today was the start of something new for me as well. So far my children and my girlfriend and her daughter haven't met each other as their mother didn't approve but today it was all systems go. Had a bad start though as my phone has decided to finally pass away, going to try and get it sorted out in the week but currently it just does not charge anymore. Been getting worse this whole week so it was typical that it would break when most needed. Luckily for me there was a spare phone to hand so I was able to orchestrate picking them up and then head to my girls.

Was good them all coming together finally and the plan for the day was for us to head to Plumsted for my friends daughters Baptism. My girl plans to get her daughter Baptised soon which should be eventful as not sure how the fathers family will warm to me but then again they have no reason to hold anything against me. Anyway cross that bridge when we come to it and today was all about my friends daughter Baptism. We took a while getting ready but personally I think the clocks went forward midday as we lost two hours. That was manly due to us playing around with the children. We had fun though and the poem my daughter wrote us was really sweet. We arrived at the Church in my usual timing with minutes to spare and settled down for the service.
It passed quite quickly and my friends daughter was an Angel as she was quiet through the service. So were our children as well, I was nervous that my son would yell something out and at one point he did come across like a heckler in the background but it went well. I went to the priest afterwards to acknowledge that I thought he had really made the day with the way he had conducted the service and he appeared flattered. From here we went to the party and spent a few hours here. Was good and it was a shame that we couldn't stay longer as the children were settled but we needed to get going as were heading out for a couple of hours in the evening. Was sad dropping my children off as they really created but it's something I've had to come to terms with over the last year although it doesn't get easier. Least it shows that if they leave me like that then they had a good time I suppose. Hopefully there will be a lot more occasions where we can go out with all the children. With me getting my driving license through today then a lot more opportunities are going to open up once I get my car...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Better late than never

So the Playstation 3 was finally launched today and although they have dominated the last few years with sales it appears to me like they aren't reaching the heights they had hoped. As I wrote yesterday about my conversations with the people in PC World it seems that across Europe it has been a stale launch. Below is an extract from the BBC which speaks of the launch and also of some publicity stunts from Microsoft.

It's great that they have now released the console but personally coming with a £500 tag it's overpriced and not worth it at the moment. I'm happy with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii at the moment and you can pick them up for less than you pay for the Playstation 3 so use the Force -

At the Virgin Megastore in London's Oxford Street, the software giant handed out chairs to those queuing that had a website address printed on them.

Anyone visiting the webpage saw an Xbox 360 branded site that "welcomes" Sony to the next generation and chides the electronics giant for being "late". Microsoft's Xbox 360 launched in late 2005.

In other European nations the response to the launch of the PS3 was more mixed.

In France several stores stayed open until midnight so gamers could pick up a PlayStation but few people took the opportunity to grab one.

Game news site Next Gen reported that French gamers were outnumbered by the media on the boat Sony moored by the Eiffel tower to act as a temporary electronics store selling the console.

The event was upstaged by Microsoft which drove its own boat covered in Xbox 360 logos up and down the Seine near the Sony craft.

Follow me...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

And the beat goes on !!

Okay so not sure whats going on in the picture above but looks fun. Today was eventful as it started with a bang as I was running later than usual but managed to run for the bus and get the trains to work on time'ish. Budget took place yesterday and news seems dominated with random stories about it just being a booster for Gordan Brown. I know not everyone likes him but I think that he is alright, not interested in the politics but I felt for him a few years back when he lost his child and I thought he came across real. Whether he makes a good leader is anyone's guess but I hope he will be more than just a puppet.

Had training today at work and I was the top boy in my group as I got all the questions right and received a handful of Maoam's and Worther's Originals. Oh Yeah !! Work seemed to drag today, after tearing it up yesterday with working through a lot it didn't seem like I got out of first gear even though I tried. Attempted to see my children but got the expected attitude then was accused of implying but hey big carpets don't hide the truth. Then it's all for one and one for all. Headed to my girl's but had to detour due to her daughter's father and parents coming around. Figured I would get bored wandering about so decided to go on an Adventure.

Probably sounds well random but I could amuse myself anywhere, first I walked around a Tile shop but had visions of a Bull in a China shop so made a sharp exit. Then went in Curry's now here my imagination started running a little as I was intrigued by all the electrical goods. Want so much but the majority is going to likely remain in my pipe of dreams for a while haha felt like a shoplifter after a few laps though. Next I headed to PC World and from feeling like a Bull in a China shop earlier I was now like a kid in a Sweetie shop.

Computers and software are soo my thing and I mooched about checking out the new Vista setups. I am thinking of getting a Pink Sony Vaio Laptop just because I feel like it and it looked novelty haha. At work earlier we learnt how to flip people's screen display (Alt + Arrow Key) so I was like the naughty child walking about switching the display on the screens haha. I was in here a while and eventually started a conversation with some fellas there about the Playstation 3 which launches tomorrow. Checking the launch range I would have only picked it up for the Formula One game but didn't think it was worth the cost for one game. Asked about preorders and how many they had in stock I was informed fifteen. I asked how many were preordered and was told two, kind of glad that I didn't pick up a load to put on Ebay as it doesn't look like it's been in that high demand.

After here I headed to my girls to cheer her up as her visitors had moved on. Felt like a geek at points today as think I was the emotional kid haha. Read something sad on the train that brought tears to my eyes and my girl seemed down earlier and it brought tears to my eyes as well. Felt like that episode of Friends where Chandler can't stop crying. Oh my it's happening again...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You gotta pucka up your lips like this...

Went for a sunbed again tonight and although I have been burnt before I came out proper looking like Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid. Suppose then that I set a new personal best if you can do such a thing. I would prefer to be going a different colour to red as a lighter shade of brown would be good but hopefully I will get there in the end and not look like our buddy of the week the Red Power Ranger. Had a funny night yesterday as we tried out Judo throws, was never going to be straight forward as neither of us are too experienced in stunt work. I ended up hitting the floor and also the wall with my head before giving up in case I lost limbs haha !!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Early Bird

Woke up in a well good mood this morning, Chelsea beat Spurs and although the game was marred by some crazy fan the result is all that matters. Great goals from Sheva and SWP and although Spurs got a penalty it was all about Chelsea's pressure when it mattered. Spurs just didn't capitalise on the play that they had. Watched South Park for the first time in ages last night and the show had me in stitches. Bit behind on what has taken place so if anyone can send me an email to tell me why Butters has replaced Kenny it would be appreciated. Onto something I have been waiting on now and THE movie of the year in my opinion has had it's trailer released. Thanks to Grevster who runs the UKSpotlight for the heads up and if you are interested you can view the trailer below...

Monday, March 19, 2007

...and the blustery day

Feeling a bit rough today, not sure why to be honest but that's being ill for you. Not that ill but feel like a Space Cadet today, suppose it's the Monday feeling eating away at me. Took me all morning to get out of first gear and still now I have a headache. Grr hurry up weekend I say haha. Had a good one though and looking forward to many more nights out with my girl as we have a good laugh. After having a quiet Mother's Day yesterday and seeing my children for a few hours I headed there last night to just relax and watch a DVD.

Today has been a strange one as the weather seems all over the place in much the same way as me then haha. With today being a blue day I hope it's a blue night as well with Chelsea facing Spurs for the FA Cup Quarter Final replay. Sheva seems on good form at the moment and with Drogba one goal away from thirty this season hopefully one will put away a chance. With JT back as well I think it's unlikely we will we be as giving to their attacking players !!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just add alcohol and an Action hero

Okay so the plan tonight was bowling but that was soo far from materialising that we just headed to the bars and clubs in the surrounding area. Bowling would have been a laugh but everything was stacked up against us being allstars including the fact that the we would have had to wait hours for the lane. Instead we stepped into drinking mode and me and my girl started the pace and were shortly joined by our friends who got involved with our posing.

We had a laugh in the bowl and me and my girl attempted a joint effort in a race but we failed and I think I probably left her with concerns about my actual driving haha. Tried to win her a Hefalump from the machine but was going no where fast so instead got her some sweets. At this point we found a leader, an Action Hero - The Red Power Ranger. He had been watching us for some time and I reckon he made his presence known for a night on the town with us.

After having a few drinks in the bowl we moved on to try and get in some bars but where one of the girls we were with didn't have ID we got blown out so settled for a few drinks in a pub. We got on it here and I had some random conversations, went even as far as discussing kidnapping Jimmy Bullard in the toilets with some guys. How do I get into these discussions haha. Afterwards a few of us headed off for OHM to get in the mix and get too dancing and at this point we bid farewell to Red Power Ranger. I reckon the guy has been on many adventures with groups of revellers though. Tonight he shared our company tomorrow will be another tale haha. I wonder how he lost his arms...

OHM was a good night, didn't seem as good as when I used to come but then I mainly only ever went there on the Sunday at that is a blinding night. We had it up in here and me and my girl were loving it and clearly got caught up in the night. Was some on it dancing going on and instead of requesting tunes we were sending the DJ little notes with love messages on them. He clearly didn't get the joke though and whether it set down a bad vibe with his 'crew' we were thrown out due to my trousers hanging down too low. Kind of a party pooper vibe there if I am honest but we walked around the front and walked straight in again only to be turned away by the manager after five minutes. It was eventful anyway and at this point we headed for something to eat then a cab home...

Onto today and wanted to get something to eat first thing, without a change of clothes it was decisions, decisions over what to wear. Check out my look below, you have to be feeling my Spring/Summer collection haha. Just got my children at the moment as their mother is with her new fella. They are meeting him soon now forgive me if I am confuse'red a little here but where's the whole three month scenario. Oh well lets hope it lasts as my life becomes a whole lot easier with her having a significant other...