Thursday, January 31, 2008

Which direction?!?!

After work today I headed over to H&M over Oxford Circus to see if a dress my girl wanted was in stock. It wasn't which was annoying so I hastily headed home to pick up my girl and baby to head over to Thurrock for a romantic evening in Ikea. Girls love it here, it's like one big tunnel of love ha! Anyway as there's a H&M over Lakeside I decided to take her there to find the dress but was still unsuccessful. What's the point in a new range when you're out of stock, makes no sense to me! Anyway we walked about together and me and baby went to Early Learning to look at the Ninky Nonk.

The Ninky Nonk is a train from In the Night Garden but hey you already knew that! Whilst in here we got split up from my girl who was looking for a decent pair of tights. This is where the funniest thing happened. I received a call from her looking for where we were and asking if she had walked to far around the shops. I asked if she was outside a purple shop then she had gone too far down. She responded that she had so I preceeded to guide her past ten more shops saying that you should be walking past... Now past this shop... She then realised that I was walking behind her all along and my knowledge of the shop plan in Lakeside was a fraud haha! Anyway we eventually got to Ikea to return a blind we had brought and whilst at the customer service desk my girl went on her travels again.

I got to the counter and the girl there was working away and chatting to a male colleague as if we weren't there. She said to him that she felt really sick to which I quickly responded with saying that maybe she was pregnant. Silence fell over everyone, except me as I laughed signed the returns slip and walked off thinking that maybe not the right thing to say. Grabbed my girl and then we all headed off for directions ha!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New player?!?!

If only Maradona had come to our club just over twenty years earlier as no doubt he still commands respect on and off the field. It was back then when he made his name and his legend as one of the greatest players to ever set foot onto the hallowed turf. Chelsea are in fine form at the moment although having Maradona playing would be wicked ha! Even if he is getting on a bit! The game wasn't live tonight instead it was the turn of Man Utd to be on the box. And the modern day great set the headlines with two finishes in the space of a few minutes. Yes I am talking about Ronaldo who is unplayable against at the moment. Although I think it's going to his head a little as I envisioned a certain french player who also wore the number seven a few years ago with the turn of grace after nailing the free kick!

Watched this over my mum's and it was a laugh there tonight, although had a run down on my boys bad behaviour from their mother. To which I said remove his television, any privilidges and let him know that he doesn't call the shots and hopefully he'll get over it. He's always good for me for some reason though, maybe because he knows I mean business ha! Or maybe it's because I know his secret... he's Spiderman!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our survey says....

I was just a bit selfish today, actually a lot! Came across the High School Musical Concert on sale today. Should have planned out better my plans for this as I figured attending these events individually would save costs. How wrong was I as yes it saves money but it leaves other people in the dark. Namely my girl as I should have offered up the position to accompany my daughter to the show. Lets just say my failure to turn on that part of my brain has left me with a lot to make up especially as I haven't yet sorted anything out for our Anniversary. I am looking though darling and you can't deny that I have made suggestions. We will do something extra special!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Build it up with Lego!

Thinking of paintball for my birthday although need to check the numbers first, I am so bad at organising anything though I really doubt this will get off the ground. Although if you read this and you are interested then give me a call. I would like for this to be in an abandoned building or building Ala Rainbow Six. Like kicking down doors and really getting you going. Spawn killers and campers bring it on ha! Don't think my girl is keen on the idea as getting shot is not her cup of tea but we will do something even better don't you worry! Maybe go to Lego land, it's Lego's 50th birthday and I have so many fond memories of it. I would love to build a house from the blocks but I would feel a bit vulnerable to burglary or it melting. Speaking of melting I had a sunbed today and I am really sore and feel like I melted a bit although that could be sweat!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Messed about by the river!

Finished painting the bedroom today although my girl did most of the painting, I had a time out to make all the kids some lunch but got distracted afterwards. I ended up starting a dancing competition and playing DJ on what I designated was our catwalk. We all cut shapes to a theme I specified, from Robots, Fashionistas and models to people in Cars and even Kangaroo's there were loads ha! After going wild for a bit I walked upstairs to a scolding look, I need to seriously remember to complete tasks before moving on to the next ha! After we finished we were so high on the fumes that we decided on going somewhere for a brief adventure. I choose Hall Place so that we could check out the waterfall and mess about by the river. We got there but it's changed a lot since I came here last. The biggest change being a padlock blocking us from getting into the area with the waterfall! Darn! Oh well we had a walk and my boy attempted to cross the river on his red motorbike although chickened out when I told him there were crocodiles about! We eventually found a dip and proceeded to try out stunts. The photos taken are proof that Sony need to up the ante with their camera on their phones. With and without the flash the image was weak but you get the gist of what we were doing. Our romantic scenic pictures ended up looking like a nuclear fall out though hahahaa!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Toothpaste on your TShirt makes me so happy!

As you can see from the video posted, no day ever seems to pass without incident, we have a good laugh though. Would have preferred to have got involved with a giant Piano like from the movie BIG. Does anyone actually know where I can find one of them as would be good. One of the things on the list if the lottery win comes along. Decided to up the ante tonight and actually got a ticket so we are in it to win it ha! Come on the numbers and bring on the Piano so that I can play chopsticks, and yes I can actually play that. One of the only things I can play on the piano but there you go...

Made a start on the bedroom and it's coming along, well impressed with the work that my girl has put in as she has really set the pace. Once finished we will probably sit down and watch Edward Scissorhands that I picked up today. DVD's are so cheap now that the format war is going through the winds of change. Speaking of movies watched the Golden Compass yesterday night and what a great film. With it being a trilogy though it was well annoying that it just cut off. Will I pick up the book to find out what happens next? Probably not is your answer!!

The truly wonderful thing about Tiggers!

What do you get when you add two energetic girls to two very appealing chairs with a lot of elasticity in Ikea. Reporting live from Lakeside this is how it goes down in full view of everybody there!

Friday, January 25, 2008


I have truly evolved over the last ten years, as the image above shows I descended from the trees in search of banana's and my life has been non stop since. Firstly working as a labourer I then made the transition once I got into working buying and selling sporting/concert tickets online. Now I am hunched over a PC for the majority of my day. It's my source of entertainment, it's my gateway to the internets ha! I am evolving further now as having solidified myself in a technical support role all things come my way and the tasks I can do effortlessly now even impress me. Finishing work today I was brimming and ready for the weekend! Headed over to pick up the offspring and then over to the nest. The game plan for this weekend is to decorate and get the bedroom ready. We both have a vision and fingers crossed it can become exactly what we imagine. Long term goal of getting a place is looking encouraging as we are looking about but nothing substantial to really report back about yet!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fried brain anyone

Damn! Today I think I fried my brain as thinking and organising ended up with me overloading! What a hardcore day it was in my world today. With my increased workload I think I need to upgrade my RAM as I think I had a system crash today. Got home and was like a zombie and then had a short circuit and was banished to the naughty room with my tail between my legs. Work is good as it really feels like things are moving now. Want to try and climb up the ladder and have my own office on the roof and a little Golfing green so that I can smash balls over London. Then climb higher until I will be running my own country. Need to body swerve bringing my bad gal attitude home with me though as didn't score me brownie points ha!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Call

Today I sat down and had my personal development plan set out for me, seems like a lot that I have to achieve but it's all about the goals. I want to be the Premier League top scorer, Joe Dawson is Mr. Golden Boot and he is going for player of the year. In an ideal world then yes I would sweep all before me but it's not an ideal world and the next few months is going to involve a lot of work for me. It's all about the input though and hopefully at the end of it all I will come out with the experience and tools to be able to go further, higher and earn more 'er ha!

The whole Wednesday thing was held up tonight as due to a traffic hold up at the first Port of call the knock on effect was me having to abandon ship for my girl and baby and head over to the rest of the kids as a lone soldier! They didn't mind though as I rolled up and concocted a game from my boy having mud on him saying that he had the lurgee. I got seriously taken out by them in this game. Hitting the deck several times and almost causing injury. Felt like a leader tonight as I pulled them both aside individually to talk to them about what I wanted from them at school and to answer their questions. Made me feel good as they both listened and I felt like they took in what I said. Wednesday's just aren't long enough though and they were soon off home and so was I for another day. Need to create a teleport over as the amount of petrol I would save ha! Good news is that Chelsea won tonight, come on Avram! Another final and hopefully more silverware!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Sugar!

To celebrate our year together my girl and baby made me a cake yesterday while I was at work. This was a welcome surprise as I wasn't expecting the treat, was well yummy and thoroughly enjoyed. You can see the fun they had from the photos as they got well involved! We will make a night of it over the next few days as I get paid tomorrow so will go out for a meal or a night out somewhere. Lot's going on at work at the moment and prioritising is the key although I have many ongoing projects that I need to start finishing. Tonight with the prospect of a hot clash in the Carling Cup Semi Final with Arsenal and Spurs I was hyped to see the outcome. Clearly not as much as my girl though and we spent the night watching a program about Bears! Got to love having a partner who has no interest in football. I missed out on a classic as well!! Spurs having saved 9 years of non performances put Arsenal to the sword. It's been a long time coming as playing their youth team and succeeding makes a mockery of experienced clubs. Finally tonight some sad news as the actor Heath Ledger has passed away. I rated him highly and I am looking forward to seeing his performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight movie. It's disappointing that it will be his last performance!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The first of many...

Today is a year to the day when I first met my girlfriend, was it destiny that drove us together I don't know but it's been all good. I had spoken to her prior to meeting her through MySpace and we had a phone conversation where I was trying to ride a broken skateboard and nearly breaking myself but this day last year was our first meeting. I get mixed views from her regarding first impressions as I was in a very bad way when I met her and according to her friends they all thought I was gay. We saw off the ex's who were a distraction at first but all seems good now. Obviously things can always get better and I expect bigger things this year. Hoping to get over to Centre Parcs with all the children at some point which would be wicked. I feel that it would be hard work at the moment going abroad with them all so destinations here or possibly using the Channel Tunnel are things we are thinking about. Hoping to move this year as well although we have no savings at the moment so that needs to be improved massively. As for us I don't ever want to take her for granted as she is my queen and I love her!!