Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bringing freshness back

Today was well different of sorts, seems to be a lot of hot topics at the moment in my life although I'm getting there. Kind of feel like a giant chef with a rolling pin trying to get my dough into shape. Not sure what is going on with the car but it's mine as it stands my brother just has to get it through the MOT. So fingers crossed that I will have it for the weekend. After my hectic day I headed home to my girl for a night in front of the television. At the end of the day like though it was smiles and beaming ones at that as we cleaned our teeth for the first time in a month haha *

*Just kidding

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bigger pictures in smaller rooms !!

Wednesday has become children day for me and my partner as her daughters father comes to see the baby and I go to my mums house to see my two children. It can be a difficult situation, her more so than mine as her daughters father comes to her house with his family. I feel a little like the other man at times as I am involved but I am not mentioned which I totally respect as I shouldn't be a factor. Now that our relationship has progressed on, the future is a talking point a lot as I want to make plans because I love my girl. It's hard though keeping everyone happy who is involved in our extended families. I am prepared to work hard though and although the emotional burden is there hopefully understanding will prevail. I can't comment on the father or his family but with my scenario it was frustrating to learn tonight that I wouldn't be seeing my two children that evening.

Annoyed but it gave me the opportunity to go and check out the car that my brother has managed to sort out for me. I didn't take it for a test drive but had a look around and it seems reasonable and it's cheap as well which is convenient at the moment as want to get on the road teach my girl to drive and then get a better car. With SatNav after the events from the weekend haha.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Real man

Returning to work after a Bank Holiday is always long as having a few days to relax have fun is always a chore. I made it in though and returning home I had some fairly good news as my brother has sorted me out a car and I should be heading over to see him tomorrow to have a look and maybe pick it up.

Mine and my girls night didn't consist of too much as we just relaxed in front of the TV and messed around with facebook uploading some new applications. We then got to talking and she mentioned that I am very feminine which got my back up a little so I decided to act like a caveman and go hunting in the garden for a fox for us to eat. In closing the door behind me I heard the keys go and a loud laugh. She had locked me out in the cold haha. Teaches me a lesson and after a brief hunt around her garden to return empty handed I came back her hero !!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Where did it go wrong

Today was definitely a day to forget as there wasn't much that went right. I think I will file this day under the catagory of disaster haha. It didn't start that badly as we had a fairly decent start but the weather wasn't our friend but we weren't going to let that hold us back. With my daughters swimming not until five we figured we could fit in a few hours of shopping over Bluewater. Cue the drama beginning as had to wait an absolute age for the bus which is a normality but in the rain and cold it's tough. We had to stop for a bus change and something to eat and then it was more waiting in the cold. Followed by the longest bus journey ever...

Eventually we made it to Bluewater and the quest was for new shoes. Although there were some that I liked in Office I felt all bothered in there as Bluewater was packed and just weren't feeling it. After this we mooched about looking in stores and I picked up a new swim costume for my daughter and also some bits and pieces for the baby. The time flew by though and after the long journey it seemed like we weren't over Bluewater that long before we had to head off. It was all against the time so was well annoying and eventually had to call my childrens mother to intervene and take my daughter swimming as ran out of time. This gutted me out a bit as I felt like I failed her but the roads were a nightmare.

Eventually reaching Bexleyheath we jumped on the first bus that took us closer to home. We both had a brief nap here haha. After reaching our closer to home destination I quickly went to a shop to get us some drinks leaving my girl with some bus money in case our final bus came in the mean time. This is where the God's must have been laughing at us as my girl got the bus and I watched it drive away but it was the wrong one which neither of us realised. In the mean time I had something take over my physical thinking, making me feel like I was the stamina kid. I thought that I would be able to outrun the bus by running across the motorway and across a field to catch the bus on the otherside. Did it work...

No way I got well lost and my girls phone ran out of battery meaning I couldn't find out where she was. I got well drenched running across the field and was scared half to death my a pheasant jumping out on me. My mum called and I went through the sympathy call but managed to luck out and hit a road I recognised. Eventually I got to my girls still oblivious to the fact she was on the wrong bus. I couldn't get in so figured she was at the shops. Went there, no joy! On the way back to hers I got a call and she had been around the world. Eventually ending up at a point where she was drenched and a couple gave her a lift home. We were not having a good day but at least we have each other !!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Let's go shopping

Today after my children went to my parents we got really hungry and our tummy's got grumbly so we went off in search of food. Not realising the time we jumped on a bus and headed to a Tesco nearby that we were sure would have plenty available to satisfy our hunger. How wrong we were as it's a Sunday and the shops shut early.

We were very confused and it was like a scene from 28 Days Later as we were the only people around and didn't know what to do. We were still well hungry though and within five minutes we started to lose our minds and behave all crazy haha...

Well after posing about for a short period of time we headed over to the petrol station and picked up some food. Waste of a journey really but hey we made a day out of it which was funny. Managed to find some Soreen as well and we well loved this as after starvation this was a meal from the heavens haha !!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

That sinking feeling

So today was the first day of my sons swimming, we got a lift over to the Baths and then got him into his lesson and got to swimming ourselves. My boy was good as I could see that he was nervous but he marched straight in and got on with his lesson. Leaving us to re-educate ourselves on how to swim. After his lesson he got some white swimming cap that made him look like a torpedo. Was well funny seeing him dash about.

We stopped at my mums for a pit stop afterwards and then headed out for what eventually turned out to be a downer of a day. It wasn't just the weather that was washed up though as I think everyone was on a knife edge. We did a body count around evening so we were all still alive and after a game of who can headstand up the wall the longest we are settling down to watch Harry Potter !!