Friday, February 29, 2008


Was considering a night out tonight but heading down to Herne Bay this weekend to celebrate Mothering Sunday and also my girls Nan's birthday. I decided against it as although it would have been good to catch up with my friend and go on a mad one I weren't feeling an over expensive weekend which it's looking likely to be. Got my girl a dress so that's sorted but still have to sort out some other bits and pieces. I have a wicked card chosen but tomorrow I feel that I'll nip to the shops with baby and choose something more personal.

I am well loving the website at the moment and the information and updates there have provided me Intel on some great applications lately. My online profile isn't massive but I am involved on a few sites and it seems that the order of play is lifestreaming! This is basically one site that caters for all of your online identities. Well that's how I put it anyway as I am sure if you were to speak to those in the know they would give you the full low down. Better still venture over to this site and press Ctrl + D as you want this site in your favourites!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all bloooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Apparently taking too much Viagra makes your vision blue tinted well so does upgrading your blog. If you don't like the new home then you can do one as I think it looks good although behind the scenes it could have been better with the applications but I'm feeling it regardless! Trying to find a decent xml template was a task but then it got harder as trying to upload it was really effort.

It's still in migration phase as when I get a chance I am going to travel back and convert all 600+ pages into the new colour format. Is it worth it, probably not but I have issues like that ha! After work today the other side of Babies family were round as they were preoccupied yesterday so I scooted over to Clinton's to check out the cards. There is a special occasion every month for me and it's costing a small fortune. Take into account birthdays, births, leaving do's and marriages at work and I seriously need a pay rise!! Once they had left I checked into base to pick up the team members and we headed to Bluewater. Wasn't really a point as time was getting on but we did anyway and later I realised why. My girl worked her magic and ended up with a new £45 dress, you soo know how to work it ha!! Looking forward to seeing it on though baby xx

Apparently some people think I am like Mick Jagger, this photo is for you!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Internets I love joo !!!!11

How did we exist without the Internet it's such an integral part of most peoples lives now. From blogs, networks, feeds, access to unlimited resources of entertainment. I would go as far as saying I prefer browsing the Internet to watching television. Facebook as you know is one of the main sites that I check out and they are constantly working to improve the setup. I am in all the pies, creating a fan page and signing up to be a developer. As it stands the actual Wall is a mess and it's good to read that they are to be upgrading for tabbed browsing. Makes sense I think and will make it less cluttered. I don't feel like I have a lot of applications but still my page has been squashed up which will be resolved by this!

After meeting up with my girl after work we all headed over to my parents for me to see the kids and my family. I have a form that I had to fill out about my Son's behaviour and it wasn't nice although it's required. I'm sure that he is fine just an overly competitive energetic little guy!! Paid my mum the majority of my bonus tonight, downer to be parting with the cash but I owe her so it needed to be done. After dropping them off and returning home we searched online for an episode of CSI that we have been waiting to see for a while. It's the finale of the Miniature Killer and having seen the other episodes several times this one has never been picked up. The Internet the saviour again hey!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying to jump from a Plane!!

Looks like the fall out from the Carling Cup final is a mess where Chelsea are concerned. Talks in the Newspaper's of being not prepared, arguments, players not being behind the manager. I am worried that we are on the verge of becoming like Real Madrid where manager's come and go like pop songs! It's likely just the media spreading the discontent but I just hope that it doesn't affect the squad in what is a pinnacle point in the season.

Finally managed to beat Call of Duty 4 last night on veteran. Tried to beat the bonus level on veteran as well but only making it into the final section once during the best part of an hour I gave that up. Moved on to beating the training level faster than the preset time gave that up and decided that bedtime was the order of play! Today was relatively smooth, I was a cool dude working hard and browsing the usual sites ha! I've been using Digg a lot lately but ideally I would like to be able to stream relating Feeds straight into my brain. Invent it already ha!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just a shot

Usually my girl is not overly keen on me watching shows that expose too much flesh. Understandably as they are just shows that people watch for the frills. Step up a Shot of Love with Tila Tequila and although we follow the reality type shows this hasn't been one crying out to be watched. I am glad that I watched last nights episode though as check out the action below. Quality television and the looks on every one's faces as it goes off...

Today I was expecting a lot of come back from Tottenham fans that I know but it's been really quiet the only comments coming from Arsenal fans. Finished off my work concepts and sat down with my floor manager and he seemed impressed with the project and looked forward to seeing how the workload was delegated and managed. Walking the dogs tonight was a chore as baby came with me but has no idea what she wants to do most of the time I expect even confusing herself. Every few steps she would want a cuddle (carry) and then a few more would warrant a request to get down and walk. This process continued the whole walk! My girl isn't feeling too great tonight so she has retired to count sheep. On the other hand I am feeling restless and like I could win the war. Bring on Call of Duty 4...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scarves and Handballs!!!

Come on surely it's a well known fact that if you are involved with a partner that follows football you are involved as well. I love my girlfriend with all my heart and hope that we are together forever but there's always going to be my passion for Chelsea Football Club. I can't deny the ups and downs I have felt for my club over the years. The years of just making up the numbers in the league, David Beckham tearing us apart at Wembley to our epic battles with Barcelona in the Champions League. The Roman era and the Mourinho era and his errors too!! If only he had learnt to just bite his tongue as he may still be leading the charge now. There is a lot I have been through!! Attending the game at Stamford Bridge where we beat Barcelona 4-2 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Then again so was meeting my girlfriend for the first time and the way she completed me. Will my two loves ever see each other in the same light?!?! I know I am not the most die hard fan standing through wind and rain in the terraces but just because I don't attend every match doesn't mean I don't feel every moment of the every game played.

Today was one of those days I think as although we had a good afternoon in the end I wasn't the most obliging boyfriend to walk the Earth. We headed out a few hours before the football to find something to do and luckily the aimless driving took us to Swanley Park. Haven't been here in a few years and can't believe the neglect as it's really good and when every thing's up and running and the heat is baring down from the Sun I think summers here will be good!!

After our adventure in the park we quickly dashed home and after arranging everyone I sat down to watch the events at Wembley unravel. I was not a happy bunny once the final whistle had blown as with Chelsea being able to strangle the life out of most finals over the last few years it was tough being on the receiving end of a cup final loss. Spurs had the luck as it was in effect Chelsea error's that handed them the tie with a Bridge handball providing a penalty and a mistimed punch from Cech leading to the other goal. Had we been faultless would they have created a chance? Your win was not emphatic Tottenham although I will enjoy watching you thump back to Earth when you realise that you aren't about to become a great team over night. Already their fans are getting carried away but saying that under Mourinho this was our first Silverware before we went on to greater achievements. Anyway here's to another nine years!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making like trees!

It's amazing what you find on your door step, anyone who complains that there is nothing to do should venture out. Today whilst baby was off on her own adventure we decided to canter down the road and into the woods. We ended up on a right trek and if we were Foxes, Squirrels or come to think of it any woodland creature then we would be in heaven. As we aren't animals we bought along the dogs to make up the numbers. That's right dogs as we have my girls parents dog visiting for a few days. He is a cool guy and our dog is impressed by him ha! It was a good walk for the dogs as we covered some distance. Once baby returns this afternoon we are off to Bluewater as I am getting my barnet trimmed and at some point we will be taking in the sites of the supermarket. Tallyho!!