Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Thanks to everyone that contributed to the iTunes case study, the presentation will take place tomorrow. The input provided was invaluable. I have been in a creative flow lately, and not just with university work as I have also been working on gifts and designs for my partners birthday.

Last night we celebrated the 'birthday eve' at Halo and it was a lively occasion with plenty of alcohol consumed. The presents were well received this morning and with people arriving throughout the day, those that had arrived decided to head into town for the Spice Girl exhibition. Could have been better but we managed to leave with what we really, really wanted! Afterwards we ate for Britain and consumed a considerable amount of Chinese. The fancy dress party tonight doesn't have a specific theme but I'm sure there will be innovative costumes. I went shopping with friends earlier and a banana costume was purchased?! Should be interesting to see if that lasts the duration. I hope the celebrations are everything and more for my partner who has been buoyed by the turnout and enthusiasm.