Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mo Money Mo Problems

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During November I attempted to grow a moustache, I wasn't impressed with the effort but I managed to earn some moola for The Prostate Cancer Charity. I participated with Club Moustache, through the Movember website and had every intention to attend the moustache shaving party that was organised, but the snow ended that spectacle. Last night the remainder of our group that had either not gone home; been kicked out of university; travelled to China for an arranged marriage; or just turned their back on our advances headed to The Faversham to participate in Club Moustache. I was disappointed that Kopparberg wasn't available, according to the bartender the popular cider isn't a serving choice but that wasn't the case when Rebel Bingo visited Leeds! I was bursting with enthusiasm for the evening, I had finally received the Student Grant and Maintenance Loan that I had been owed for the entire semester. Pointless being provided at the end of the year but makes Christmas that much better! The night was average but there was a minor disagreement between our friend and an ex of a former girlfriend?! Someone obviously didn't inform the guy that our friend has the self-proclaimed 'hardest punch' in Bolton! Thankfully this didn't make an appearance, for the sake of everyone in attendance!
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