Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Better Watch Out

OllyImage by joedawson via Flickr
Last minute Christmas shopping is rarely enjoyable, but other than the excessive traffic outside Lakeside it's been bearable!

We even met Olly Murrs, willing to be photographed and out shopping for essentials! Christmas had come early for my girlfriend who was eager to have her photo taken with the X Factor finalist. Providing instant bragging rights as one of her friends believes that she's in a relationship with the singer-songwriter.

Unable to find exactly what I'm looking for in Thurrock, I headed to Bluewater with my brother, who treated me to a new pair of shoes. Very nice of him! The pair I was wearing had seen better days, although the Urban Outfitters team thought otherwise, displaying them for everyone to see?!

I'm really excited about Christmas now that I have made some progress, but I still feel short on presents. I have presents for the daughter of my ex-girlfriend, even though no real effort is made with my children. I understand the different circumstances involved though! I'm hoping that all the children appreciate what has been brought for them as Christmas is all about them...
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