Saturday, December 11, 2010

Got There Eventually..

Party BoyImage by joedawson via Flickr
The previous attempt to experience The Cockpit, Leeds - it ended rather badly before I had even entered the venue. Several months later, potentially one of the last nights out this semester and we finally returned to enjoy the festivities! According to the invitation this was the Christmas special, Sherry was being offered and that was enough to convince us that this required participation. At first the venue appeared to be quite cramped but they opened up the larger room and everyone piled onto the dance floor to unleash shapes! Our friend from Bolton wasn't impressed, instead of enjoying the music being played, he opted instead to listen to his iPhone Playlist and move around like imitating Liam Gallagher! He soon realised this was rather unsociable and involved himself with the wider circle. Quite a few people from my Media course were there, I groped one of the guys who believed it to be a group of females in close proximity. Not sure how that ended but we left before the end of the night and met another friend to assist with our after party arrangements..
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