Monday, December 20, 2010

One More Time

Daft PunkImage by joedawson via Flickr
Being a student can seriously damage your health, so today I made an appointment to visit the Dentist. Not sure what happened but as I'm entitled to free NHS dental treatment I'm not going to be shy! The children had visited and to pass the time, before the appointment, I helped them construct several masks from boxes. For the purpose of entertainment I made them wear the masks to the Dentist surgery, sitting in the waiting area I felt like I was with the Daft Punk duo. Alternatively, I could also have been interpreting Michael Jackson, who famously made his children wear masks in public. Either way, I thought it was comical and people in the surgery appeared to as well. After speaking with the surgeon and being patched up (again), we were off to share our creativity with the World. I was disappointed that the mask they had created for my head, didn't fit properly but I don't think wearing a cardboard box whilst driving would have been the safest!
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