Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean This Mess

Oh the society! Oh the networking!!Image by ° ρЯίтΛм ° [busy] via Flickr

There are numerous benefits to having an organized space, being more productive, less time searching for relevence, less clutter, increased attention, engagement and more control. I have many friends online across various sites and the ability to streamline the chaos provides many benefits.

The sheer number of people that use Facebook is incredible, I believe that the majority of people I know are on the social network. I could probably count those not active on Facebook on one hand because the site has become core to social interaction and status.

It's widely acknowledged that Facebook change site more than gypsies, but there are features available that with a little work will keep the experience efficient and rewarding. I use Lists and Filters to organise the newsfeed and this post summarises the process. I have had friends contact me as they wanted to introduce more control to the social network and I will make sure to point them in the direction of this resource.

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