Thursday, February 04, 2010

He Bangs The Drums

Purple Turtle, Camden Town, NW1Image by Ewan-M via Flickr

The Purple Turtle is a venue situated in the heart of London’s music scene, located near Mornington Crescent station and in close proximity to Koko, showcasing some of the most exciting new indie and rock acts. I travelled there this evening to catch my brother's band the Internal Skars. He rarely tells us where he is playing but he was hyped for this performance, I have had several eventful nights in Camden recently and was full of anticipation.

The performance was impressive, I experienced them perform before Christmas when my brother was a new addition to the band. Then I recall he had written the chords on the snare drum, tonight he was much more confident and the band definitely provided the performance of the evening. After the set I was provided with an Internal Skars CD which I will make sure to familiarise with before I next attend. I was stood at the bar watching the acts, when I was approached by 'artists' who thought that I was a bass player based on my clothes and wanted me to join their band! I politely declined but was silently impressed, I look like I could be a bass player!! I was then consumed with impulsive desires to indulge in guitar lessons, I felt like Mr. Toad, Esq., from the novel The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. As with every night; it must reach an end! I managed to secure transportation but would probably have been quicker (and safer) travelling by London Transport as the driver opted for the scenic route. The show must go on...

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