Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Source

Jay-ZJay-Z via

I have always wanted to travel the world to experience different destinations, lifestyles and cultures. I have the courage to do it, but I don't have the money and I couldn't leave my children, family and friends. Anyway, not to be sombre; leaving drinks were in order yesterday as two friends are to embark on a quest around our beautiful planet.

I'm an outsider in the group, all the better to eat them with as the element of surprise is so rewarding! I heard mentioned that Las Vegas may be a possible destination and if that's true I may well participate in that because it's somewhere I have always wanted to visit! The night was dictated by Jay Z and custom masks which were an interesting combination. I managed to become photography for the evening and captured some fantastic moments from the showpiece. Good times! Afterwards I travelled to a house party to meet up with my partner, the night went well and we eventually attempted to sleep in the smallest bunk bed ever before being evicted! With the rain pouring I've got 99 problems and no umbrella...
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