Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In Search Of

miike snow @ stereoImage by twistyfoldy.net via Flickr

Miike Snow are a Swedish electro-indie act, who formed in 2007. The band consists of Andrew Wyatt, and the producing team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg. Tonight I travelled to The Scala, Kings Cross for the NME Awards Show featuring Wolf Gang, Theophilus London and Miike Snow with those influenced by peer pressure. The night actually started at London Bridge station, the rendezvous point, although when did McDonalds start serving Vodka?!

Eventually we arrived at Kings Cross and my partner and her sister made their entrance; I had to rely on the powers of persuasion and the preying touts. I succeeded and joined them before the opening act! We occupied the bar area for the Wolf Gang set but took position when Theophilus London began his performance. He was a likable character and got the crowd behind him even with technical issues that affected the microphone. Wasn't too sure about the provocative dance moves but the female he pulled from the crowd appeared to be impressed! Eventually Miike Myers Snow filtered onto the stage like a scene from Halloween wearing white face masks and bathed in laser light. The set started with a slow momentum; Cult Logic building onto Burial before the more upbeat Black & Blue. The masks were then removed and it was down to business. I'm familiar with their album and was impressed with the sound quality and innovative mixing that at times was exceptional. A Horse Is Not A Home was followed by the powerful Silvia which captivated the crowd. Plastic Jungle was followed by Sans Soleil before the favourite Animal got everyone involved! The night finished with an extended version of In Search Of and closed an inspiring performance. I even managed to secure the setlist, again!

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