Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Red Bull GmbHImage via WikipediaRedbull gives you wings but caffeine substitutes clipped them! The night started at our accommodation, friends gathered at our Halls for pre-drinks and we participated in several drinking games. I rarely drink beer, instead preferring to consume spirits, tonight I have no idea what cocktail I created but the tabasco inclusion was regrettable! We eventually headed to Space, I was already feeling spaced-out but ventured onto the dance floor to interact with friends. After briefly walking around we decided to head towards Cockpit. I was excited because I wanted to experience an Indie night but the caffeine wasn't agreeing with my insides. McDonald's didn't help and even though our group made it to the venue - I decided to call it a night and headed home in a cab. My friends followed and although we were invited to a flat party, I retired to my room for the evening! I later received a call from my partner and we exchanged stories about our nights and decided that we would meet the following afternoon! Freshers week had provided more than we had bargained for and we're going down in an earlier round, but we are going down swinging! Stories to look back on?!
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