Sunday, February 13, 2011


If someone asked you to jump off a bridge, would you? I would be concerned with the proposition but my girlfriend agreed without much persuasion.

I wanted a unique experience for Valentines Day, something that would be memorable and set the heart racing. I explored several options, but none seemed to offer the appeal of bungee jumping. The thought of jumping from a structure whilst connected to an elastic cord had romance written all over it, right? My girlfriend thought so anyway. She admitted to being nervous, but after arriving late and waiting in the cold for ages, she was the first to jump from the bridge...

The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge was the structure, the only working example of it's type in England. The experience was booked through Red Letter Day, and made all the more difficult with the appalling weather conditions. I felt for my girlfriend's sister who travelled with us and had to brave the elements. She captured footage from the entire afternoon, watching from below as we climbed the steps to the platform. After hearing the words "three.. two.. one.. bungee" and watching as my girlfriend composed and jumped with elegance, I finally understood what I had to do and the realisation must have been etched across my face. Here I was thinking bad romantic decision! Why not settle for having a quiet meal together? The organisers asked whether I was ready, I responded by informing them that I could hardly back out, I would never live it down.. I felt like I was walking the plank as I approached the edge. Looking below I could see that she had been collected by a boat and was being taken to the side. The instructions were relayed as though they were my last rites. "Three..." Don't hesitate, it's the worst thing you can do.. "two..." Focus on the highest point on the horizon and jump outwards.. "one..." Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out.. "bungeeee.." What an experience, even with a cold this was incredible. Well, it was quicker than the walk of shame and facing those steps again! I'm already considering options for next year, a plane jump hasn't been ruled out!!