Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would You?

BreastI wasn't sure whether I would be eligible for a bursary, but I have done and according to the website it will contribute significantly to my financial wellbeing whilst I study at Leeds Metropolitan University. To celebrate we decided to take the girls to Red Leopard, actually they organised everything!

With our newly acquired wealth women wanted to be involved with us and it was intimidating. I won't pretend I have never been to one of these clubs before but these were packing heat. Whenever our girls weren't around they made their move! The conversation always progressed down the same path - I've noticed you around, I find you very attractive, Would you.. Um... Eventually the temptation became too much and our friend decided to follow the rabbit. I have a feeling that the girls wanted a private dance too but they remained composed. The night made a change from the usual but I felt it wasn't just the drink prices that were cheap. I can understand the attraction and our friend appreciated the private time but I won't be applying for a loyalty card anytime soon!

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