Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Tale That Wasn't To Bee

Wind-up bumble-bee toy.Image by another sergio via Flickr
The Otley Run is a pub crawl that takes place in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The route follows the A660, also known as Otley Road at the point the pub crawl commonly begins (Wikipedia, 2011). The Otley Run is a popular social gathering for students, societies and a common activity for birthdays and other celebrations among graduates and city residents. Participants often wear fancy dress and coordinate their costumes to a particular theme.

I frequently notice groups in costume when travelling through Headingley, although until last night the opportunity to participate hasn't been presented! Delicate from Thursday, we were easily persuaded and headed into town to purchase outfits. The budget limited our creative freedom, but we persevered, browsing several stores and settled for the inspiring partnership of the bee and the ladybird! Beatrix Potter would have been proud! More often than not even the best laid plans have difficulties and unfortunately we weren't able to overcome the first obstacle we encountered... By making arrangements through Facebook and not obtaining the appropriate contact information, we had a bag full of insect accessories, and didn't know what stage of the Otley Run to meet everyone! Admittedly we could have gone in search of our friends, but where would we have started -

1. Woodies Ale House
2. The Three Horseshoes
3. The New Inn
4. Citrus Bar & Lounge (Fancy Dress and Otley Run has now been banned)
5. Headingley Taps
6. The Arc
7. The trio Bar and Grill (since Citrus banned the Otley run)
8. The Box
9. The Skyrack
10. The Original Oak
11. The Hyde Park
12. The Library, Woodhouse Lane (formerly Feast and Firkin)
13. The Packhorse
14. The Eldon
15. The Old Bar
16. The Terrace
17. The Fenton
18. Strawberry Fields,(Strawbs)
19. The Dry Dock

Until the next time, that is all...
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