Monday, February 28, 2011

He’s Like A PlayStation..

After returning to London, my son participated in a football tournament. He has only been involved with the club a short time but he's already an influential player in the team.

I watched him recently and he displays great strength and composure. He developed discipline when I used to take him to Goals and that built the foundation blocks for him to improve. He has a great eye for goal but just needs to learn when to pass! I wasn't surprised to receive a picture in my inbox today, with him holding awards for his performance over the weekend. I only wish that I could have been there but hearing him describe the events and his excitement was a great substitute! I hope he persists with football and follows the example set by my brother who has played for many clubs over the years. I have had too many distractions to commit to an illustrious football career. Superlatives aside, Boy has potential to do well over the next few years and with his self-belief even Messi has competition...