Sunday, March 06, 2011

Always Read The Label

Been considering options for the summer and came across the embedded YouTube footage. The video features an appeal from my friend, he's been travelling for a while and appears to be enjoying the experience. I would like to travel the World, although an extensive period in another country wouldn't be an immediate consideration.

I would prefer short bursts, that way I would have appreciation but not lose touch with everything important back home. I want to be more influential to my children over the next few years. Teach them about what's important and open there eyes to the World. Tonight that was placed on hold as we headed to Propaganda at O2 Academy, Leeds. Not sure what the doctor ordered but everyone had their 'camera face' on show! Returning home early in the morning we displayed similar addictive behaviour to the YouTube footage. Attempting to play Mario Kart wasn't advisable because it can seriously damage your health!