Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time To Destruction

Tonight was always going to be an experience as we were heading out to celebrate a presidential campaign and the end of the world! Do not adjust your monitor, the world isn't about to end. Instead these were events hosted in Leeds. Recently I have assisted an athletic union presidential candidate by promoting his 'vision' for the university. He emerged triumphant and to show he's appreciation he organised a gathering at his friends house. That's how you throw a party!! These friends were either really generous or hadn't read the code of conduct. The event was actually a low-key affair, Dominos and alcohol were provided with DJ's on rotation. I attended with my girlfriend and not really knowing anyone we made ourselves comfortable and waited for the Dominos to arrive. Being unknown has it's advantages, especially when you consume a serious amount of pizza! Scorpion Vodka, which contains a real farm raised scorpion, was also offered but we didn't get to taste the 'soft woody' taste. The majority of people headed to Halo afterwards but as a massive asteroid was set to collide with the earth we headed elsewhere. Having seen photos from previous parties, I expected more but this seemed to just be the usual club night with the theme an afterthought. Could have been so much more, particularly the part about exploding but I will be considering London the next time this catastrophe should head to our planet..