Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready To Start

After a night out in Leeds on Thursday we got talking about culture and places where we would like to live. New York was discussed at length with The Suburbs creating the setting. The city, birthplace to many genre's in the world of music, has obvious appeal to the artistic and cosmopolitan. Attempts to be creative that morning and feel involved with a larger movement only failed because we needed to sleep..

According to Apple 'people have been dreaming about video calling for decades'. Friday afternoon I tried FaceTime and that dreams going to continue for the foreseeable.. Requiring Wi-Fi I headed to the university to communicate with the children, who were visiting my family. Awaiting approval to use various communication methods with them is like waiting for rain in a drought.. Their mother worries that everyone online wears a bear costume. I have a more laid back approach and see these services and tools as a necessity, especially when the parents have separated. Thankfully common sense prevailed and later that evening my tech support experience assisted when helping my children install Skype. I'm hoping that this will bridge the gap, and bring my son into the conversation more as he's the visual type. If he can't see what's going on he's minds elsewhere.