Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Different On the Mountain

A logo used, and trademarked, by PepsiCo for M...The Mountain Dew promotion currently taking over the City will be appreciated by the Leeds Met Library cleaners tonight! There were bottles everywhere and people were even sprawled out across surfaces and bookshelves craving more. I made the last part up but seriously, this drink has a comedown and should come with a health warning! I'm sure earlier I had a pee and it was glowing.. I have been a regular visitor to the library recently as I'm working on an assignment for contemporary media studies. I have almost completed the first stage and will be seeking people to contribute to the research project by answering questions about their media player usage. The objective is to understand whether iTunes provides everything you need to be entertained anywhere, anytime. I'm excited about the information I should receive and will be using social networks to promote the survey. Once enough data has been collected I will analyse results with the rest of my study group and start producing a presentation to show the rest of our class. I will provide an update on the work once it's complete... 
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