Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Xbox 360 Welcomes New Worlds of Entertainment
I love the way that our society is evolving and how entertainment in general is changing. It's evolving not just to broaden appeal but to shock, to achieve something that raises the bar not just through one medium but several. As I write this message I am streaming footage live from Microsoft's X06 event and there is a lot going on that I can see being high on peoples shopping lists over the coming months. I love my entertainment so I can see myself spending a lot of money and Microsoft are sure to make a bundle as they are the market leader of the next generation. From the show so far we have seen details on software, connectivity, HD DVD, Vista and Halowars looks incredible. you can check out the game here

Moving on to shock now and last night I watched the Dirty Sanchez movie and these guys are legends. I have pierced parts of my body but I would never go to anywhere near the pain level that they do. Watching the reaction of other people watching the movie as well I knew that I wasn't just the only one. I would love to go for a night out with them but my worry would be falling asleep as they absolutely cain Pancho who I think asks for it with the way he just gets smashed all the time. The TV show is hilarious and this pushing it out even further which is expected. I read some online reviews on the movie and yes it does plunge to new depths and in an age of happy slapping and You Tube it's risky but it's crazy to watch. I don't think you will find too many people eager to mimic what goes on here anyway. I won't spoil it so go check it out as trust me it's an experience. It may not be for everyone but this is our generation and I think that we are normal. Take me for instance just an average fella...