Sunday, September 24, 2006

What should we do with the drunken sailor...

Not so much a sailor but very much drunk and the only water that we managed to 'sail' wasn't that of the seven seas but instead a bucket. And I wouldn't even go as far as saying I sailed as I spilt the water all over me. As a rule of averages we have to take the rough with the smoove and tonight there was no smoove about us but still had plenty of laughs but mainly at our own expense. Not going to name and shame any places we went to tonight but where was the atmosphere.

This will be a Saturday to remember but for all the wrong reasons, apologies to my parents who had to rescue us after we got stranded in outer Europe. Back to the night though and blagging our way into a bar just because my friend had stripped socks and I have a Adidas stripes tattoo up my leg was an Achievement. Also the bucket was random and had we made it so that it had rained down on the unsuspecting clubbers below it would have made a great photo for the collection. Didn't manage to get far from the toilet though as I spilt loads down my legs and had to flee the scene Haha. Another strange situation was later in the night we were laying down beside a road when two cars speed passed with fellas hanging out the windows. First thought is we are about to get absolutely cained with eggs, second was where are we and finally after nothing thrown hits us I find myself asking one of lifes great unanswered questions. Who actually drives around throwing flapjack out of cars and cheering. Well anyway after one mess of a night and even more confusion over the events that took place it's time to enjoy God's day of rest and raise a glass to Chelsea Football Club and welcome back Super Frank !!