Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another typical Friday

Well Friday has been and gone and quite a rollercoster day, shouldn't have started drinking so early as I nearly didn't even make it home to get out. Went for pub lunch and instead of the usual double Vodka Red Bull to accompany my nachos I went for a bottle of wine. After lunch pretty much shot by and then at the end of the day got on it at work. That's right at work, knocking back bottles and feeling slightly off it. My work day hadn't even ended and I was staggering across the office. Journey home was fun, for some reason the new trains do not have toilets. I walked the length of that train and then pitstopped at Woolwich before eventually falling asleep on the next train and ending up at the last stop having to come back on a fast train and then catch another train to my station. Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Tonight was already feeling like it was going to be a crazy night and I was not wrong. Our club hadn't been burnt down but the entrance had a make shift look about it. Bouncers told me that I was too lively and they had reports of me being lively on the bus the following week. Don't remember that but anyway I know that I can be exciteable so I just apologised and got to moving around the dancefloor. We never normally bust moves on the dancefloor but tonight, tonight was special Haha. My friend had brought with him a special guest, a Firby and I never realised how popular these little fellas were as everyone wanted to kiss and hold him. I was useless taking photos tonight as was really drunk and just trying to stay on my feet was a chore but I pulled it off and thought that my dancing was impressive. Naive was the tune of the night as everyone was in good voice when that came on and jumping around.

Then a strange thing happens, I don't usually go out looking for trouble and would rather dance the night away then bad mouth or be confrontational. I am walking across the dancefloor to go elsewhere in the club with my friend and this group are in my way so I politely ask them if I could pass and get a strange look. Unsure why I just pass through, I hear an insult and ask the guy to repeat himself as I couldn't really here what he was saying. He insults me again and then starts strangling me in front of everyone. A little out of the blue and to be honest not expected and I am thinking what should I do here. Now I was in a very bad situation a few years ago where I got bottled several times in the face so I am not prepared to be in a situation like that again. I turn to the person and PUSH him in the face, he hits the deck and I get to moving as I can't be bothered to be manhandled out of the club and get my clothes all ripped by the bouncers. Hide and Seek is not one of my strong points so it doesn't take long for them to find me and escort me to the front. Waiting at the front I feel very vulnerable and the bouncers eventually get me a cab but unsure whether I will be allowed to attend next week. I am sure this isn't the last of this anyway and it's kind of like the end of an action series. Will I be allowed in the club, will there be repercussions, do people actually like my dancing, will Firby be with us again ?? Tune in next week for another episode of Friday night Live Haha...