Monday, September 18, 2006


Just thought I would go back a little to cover more angles, I refer to the club Air and Breathe as Zens as that's what it was called before. Everyone still seems to call it Zens and the Library and I am no different. Also wanted to post some pictures from the Drayman website which is another good pub/club in Bexleyheath that has a good atmosphere. A great place for older Peacocks to impress the Peahens with their moves Haha.

Also below are some pictures I have taken professionally, the first being my friend loving his car and showing a novelty way of cleaning it apparently. The next picture is my offspring, they wanted me to teach them how to ride a bike. Now bear in mind these bikes are on the large side so I leaned them up against the fence and job done as they were happy with that. Proper bikes are definitely on the agenda though as it's all about the stabilizers. I could do with them when I have had a few drinks as apparently the whole 'It's a Puppet' and 'Pinocchio' vibe seems to be catching on and FAST.

Home boys and home girls it's time for Kenan and Kel, these two sterling fellas are who I sit with at work and they help me understand everything from lengths of string to whether the moon is actually made of cheese. We are the queens and everyone better know themselves !!