Monday, September 25, 2006

No such thing as quiet

Since I have started blogging I feel like I am walking/dancing around looking for the next scoop. Everywhere I go I find myself looking for stories or adventures that I could participate in. Doubt I will ever get into the same league as the boys from Jackass/Dirty Sanchez but I'll give anything a go. Having seen some trailers for the up and coming movies I doubt I will be doing anything too similar anytime soon. Yesterday started with taking the new bikes out to see if they were comfortable with the children. They got along great although not looking too forward to the next heavy time when I have to carry two children and two bikes Haha.

Later I figured would definitely end with me leaving a club staggering and thinking to myself that I was not going to be able to recover in time for the morning. This has always been the way and I feel I have a residency with attending OHM every week. Did get an invite to go out to yet another birthday celebration and started the night in a bar but instead decided to...

Check out the new cinema release Children of Men. I wasn't disappointed either as I thought it was a great film and there's a great cinematography moment that begins with a burning car rolling down a hill. That really had me on the edge of the seat and I felt well absorbed. The film makes an impact and hopefully if our world is going to deteriate it's in a more stable condition than what is dictated here. Not too far from it now though if I am honest as mentioning about having a quiet night just going to the cinema I witnessed a car accident at the traffic light and also a fight kick off outside the police station. Welcome to South East London which isn't too different to the two images below taken from the film.

Today has been a quiet day as not too much has occured, basically catching up on all the stories from the weekend and having a laugh at how each others weekends ended up. Come on everyone else get the blogs going and keep them regularly updated as we are a connected society now so lets all preach our lives Haha.