Monday, January 19, 2009

Listen to your heart...

Image representing TweetDeck as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseJust been trying to catch up on the latest news stories, events in my life have taken more significance these last few days but going to try get my head straight now. Firstly I would like to start off with the story I wrote about last week regarding the beautiful game and Manchester City's interest in Kaka.

Tonight Kaka has been quoted as saying he has 'listened to his heart' in deciding to stay at AC Milan, rather than accept a record-breaking move to Manchester City. This leaves City with cash to burn so it's likely they will again be linked with every player possible. I would love to see Kaka move to the Premiership but his decision I feel is the right one and shows that money isn't the deciding factor for everyone.

Later my Twitter desktop application of choice has been TweetDeck so it's great to see a developer take inspiration from popular Twitter client by releasing a version for Friendfeed called FriendDeck. A post on ReadWriteWeb by Sarah Perez details what the application offers including the follwoing workarounds;
  • See a user's likes - type in the query likes:{username}
  • See a user's comments - type in the query comments:{username}
  • See a user's friends - type in the query friends:{username}
  • A list of posts relating to a URL - type in the query url:{}
  • A list of posts about a domain - type in the query domain:{domain}
Finally for those who regularly use Facebook albums, you will be pleased to know that Facebook are increasing the 60 photo album limit. This will be great for events, birthdays etc when there are usually loads of photographs taken. For instance this weekend I attended a party with some friends and currently there are five albums available for the event.

According to AllFacebook it isn't known if the limit has been removed altogether as they have featured a Facebook album with 175 photos. They also believe that this may be the reason why the site has become unstable this last week and go on to note that the site is currently the largest photo site in the world, dwarfing the competition with the total number of photos. The site receives over 800 million photos to their site each month.

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