Friday, January 09, 2009


palm-pr-2009-01-08_45Image by Dekuwa via FlickrNoticed today that Facebook are really pushing the virtual gifts on the site now. When visiting a friend's Profiles on their birthday the Facebook Gift application is selected by default.
Update: A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook today that this feature is currently just a “test that ran momentarily” on the site. “It has not launched as a permanent feature but is part of regular functionality experiments Facebook conducts on the site to improve the user experience,” Facebook says.
Lot's of discussion today has been about the Palm Pre, whether it is a true contender to rival the iPhone remains to be seen but it's created excitement. It has copy/paste which still remains the most requested feature for the iPhone and also multi tasking. According to Gizmodo the web interface is better and it also has a wireless charger. The Palm Pre definitely has potential but then again, haven't we been here before with the first Android handset. Whatever happens, I just feel that any momentum gained will be overshadowed by the expected release of the third installment of the iPhone. Like they say though competition is good :)

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