Thursday, January 29, 2009

Web Celebrity 25

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 30:  (EXCLUSIVE AC...Image by Getty Images via Daylife I associate with their publishing of well-known lists, they assemble lists based on the personal standings for those of significance around the world. For instance I have always associated the site with Bill Gates holding the title of richest man in the World although after 13 years he is no longer the richest. He has been replaced by Warren Buffett although it's believed that had Microsoft not bid for Yahoo then Bill Gates would have been as rich - or richer - than Buffett. I doubt there is any chance of myself ever featuring in such company but their latest list has relevence to what I follow -

The third annual edition of the Web Celeb 25:
Forbes - We track the biggest and brightest stars on the Web, the people who have turned their passions into new-media empires. From stay-at home moms to geek entrepreneurs, these are the people capturing eyes, influencing opinion and creating the new digital world.
#1 Perez Hilton

#2 Michael Arrington

#3 Kevin Rose

#4 Frank Warren

#5 Cory Doctorow

#6 Pete Cashmore

#7 Beppe Grillo

#8 Heather Armstrong

#9 Guy Kawasaki

#10 Jason Calacanis

#11 Robert Scoble

#12 Will Leitch

#13 Jeff Jarvis

#14 Wil Wheaton

#15 Nate Silver

#16 Om Malik

#17 Matt Drudge

#18 Owen Thomas

#19 Dave Winer

#20 Seth Godin

#21 Brian Lam

#22 Mark Frauenfelder

#23 Steve Rubel

#24 John Dvorak

#25 Leo Laporte

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