Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MacBook Wheel

Anticipation surrounding Apple's MacWorld keynotes is hard to ignore, the majority of sites I follow are all full of speculation. What will Apple announce today? Introducing the MacBook Wheel, replacing the conventional keyboard apparently. Well according to the latest tweets from the people that I follow on Twitter anyway! I admit when I first learnt of the MacBook Wheel I couldn't comprehend the practicality. Then watching the below clip released by the Onion I quickly realised that it was a clever mock up. Very well put together as well, the predictive text really made me laugh as did the twenty minute lasting battery -

Update: Details on what was announced at MacWorld 09 -
DRM-free and cheaper songs
MacBook Pro
New 8-hour battery
iLife '09
Photo geotagging and music lessons
iWork '09
Online syncing, Keynote Remote [Source]
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