Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bowling, Paintball, Boxing Day?!

Why so serious?Image by laverrue via Flickr

Christmas was immense, I believe I managed to avoid being recorded on Christmas morning. It's not about the early morning video capturing!

We watched previous footage recently and our youngest brother has changed the most over the last few years and it was hilarious!

I haven't changed much other than hairstyle differences, I still portray the demeanour of a seventeen year old, who knew?!

Everyone really appreciated the gifts that were exchanged but my parents won Christmas. They presented us with the gift of Paintball which is going to be amazing!!! With everyone together we decided that the Nintendo Wii was required. The highlight, especially for my son is that whilst playing Wii Sports he managed to take out every single pin in bowling! He hasn't stopped reminding everyone!! The children have now returned to their mother for a few days and I'm heading to my brothers to watch a movie because everyone is being too serious! That's all about to change...

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