Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forty Hours Later

ClockImage by Caucas' via Flickr

Communication tools are everywhere, I began reaching out in the 90's through the Internet. Participating in conversations through email, chat rooms and instant messenger clients. Although dial up speeds weren't significant the Internet provided an outlet for discovery and interaction!

Then the introduction of mobile phones, SMS and MMS meant that we could interact with friends while not confined to a personal computer or telephone. The communication tools continued to evolve and blogs, social networks and digital media provided an outlet for everyone to share, interact and network with peers. Now the mobile Internet has merged the online experience enabling constant connectivity through email, instant messenger, social networks and media. Why is it then that I still have problems contacting my brother to arrange anything?!

Received a notification that his band were playing at a local venue and figured that I would participate. I arrived and waiting around as the warm-up group played but there was no sign of him. Eventually I departed but later found out that I missed an epic night! Anyway from conversations with friends that night /via the iPhone; Facebook Chat and SMS, it became apparent that all that we should be saying is give peace a chance. During the Vietnam War, in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held two week-long Bed-Ins for Peace in Amsterdam and Montreal. With New Year's Eve approaching a fortnight wasn't practical but managed to experience the Bed-In theme. I'm now suffering withdrawal symptoms from the sheer volume of movies watched!
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