Friday, December 04, 2009

How To Meet And Influence People!

FRANKMUSIKImage by Caesar Sebastian via Flickr

Tonight's entertainment was to be Vincent Frank known professionally as Frankmusik, who is a British electropop musician. Arrived at Camden Town after watching England drawn to face the United States, Algeria and Slovenia in the group stage of the 2010 World Cup. Well impressed with that and needed more involvement than Disco Stu!

The destination was Koko (formerly Camden Palace) which I have fond memories about from my youth! Considering that Frankmusik was for over 14's this was definitely a journey down memory lane and I envisioned Carnage! I still required a ticket for the show and wasn't confident as I arrived in the area but managed to secure one after a brief interlude at Burger King! Anticipation building I entered the venue and ended up laughing too much at the underage syndicate decimated by what I can only describe as stigmata. Permanent marker applied to the hands corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus! Thou shalt not consume alcohol this evening my lambs!

After several visits to the bar with the arrogance of Mr. Bean I became well involved with the proceedings. Introduced a variation of clapping to some people although I think they responded just for humour purposes! Beatboxing was a popular theme for the night and even Vincent Frank participated to the delight of the crowd. Not a piece of me though!! The Frankmusik set list featured many of the well known tracks including; Better Off As Two, Confusion Girl, When You're Around and Boyfriend. Wasn't too sure about the new track but overall I was well impressed with the entertainment. Afterwards I had the opportunity to attend the Skins Party but decided to travel home although I regret this decision now!

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