Sunday, December 06, 2009


Carousel at Hyde Park "Winter wonderland&...Image via Wikipedia

Set between Hyde Park Corner and the Serpentine over six weeks. Winter Wonderland is the perfect day out for family, friends and colleagues to delight in the magical atmosphere of London this Christmas!

I travelled there with my children to participate in the festivities. There's plenty available to keep everyone occupied but it comes at a cost because even though it's free entry everything requires tokens and the food and drinks were quite expensive.

The rides were impressive, the one attraction we were most interested in was the ice skating but when attempting to purchase tickets we were informed that we had to wait several hours. With the rain starting to fall and Oxford Street tempting us with the stores and restaurants we jumped on the bus and waved farewell to Winter Wonderland! After visiting several stores, hunger pounced so we travelled to Nandos to finish our adventure. Winter Wonderland is definitely worth experiencing but I would advise to book ice skating in advance because it appears to be very popular!
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