Sunday, October 01, 2006


Okay so yesterday was a quiet one but still it didn't pass without incident. Most of the day I was recovering from a heavy binge and enjoying seeing my children. They were happy and full of energy, from painting, playing to eating it's round the clock trying to either tidy up after them or making sure that they have had enough to drink. The incident I refer to yesterday was more of a tragedy...

When the feeling has gone and they can't go on any longer. After so much usage over the last year it's time to say a fond farewell to my straightners. That's right, nothing wrong with fellas using them these days and without them my hair just doesn't go right. They are gone though as they were pronounced no more last night as whilst doing my hair they sparked in my hands and blew the whole mains electric downstairs in my house. Today they are to be replaced and getting some GHD's dropped off to me shortly ready for tonight where I will be getting in the mix !!