Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Voice Available Through The iPhones Browser

Google Voice muy pronto!Image by marcopako  via Flickr

Google Voice is a service that makes using your current phone much better! Providing one personal phone number that rings all of your existing phones when people call, all of your voicemail in one inbox with unlimited online storage and free voicemail transcripts sent to your phone and email.

You may remember the furore that followed the Google Voice application being blocked by Apple but the service is now finally on the iPhone via its browser. Available through Safari as a Web application, and Apple can’t really do anything about this latest development. Google Voice is available for both the iPhone and Palm Pre/Pixi by navigating to the mobile Website at http://m.google.com/voice. The Web app is built on HTML5 with most of the functionality of the original iPhone app, although the contacts are stored in the cloud as the service is unable to access the phone contacts. What's impressive is that it shows what can be achieved through mobile applications.

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