Saturday, January 02, 2010

I See You

Gowalla NirvanaImage by TexKap via Flickr

My friends have really started to embrace location based services. Many of them discover and create locations across the country with their iPhone. Sharing experiences through Gowalla with their Facebook & Twitter friends. Today my friends gathered together for a pub crawl to celebrate the New Year. I was able to track their progress because at every location they checked into the service. Their activity was then displayed on the Facebook newsfeed, accompanied by status updates and banter!

I had the children for the majority of the day, I returned them to their mother in the evening and soon liaised with friends following their last stamp. Was eager to participate in this trend but I had important matters to discuss with.. everyone! Afterwards I decided to move to another location to meet some other friends and having entered the venue I proceeded to walk into an overhanging light! Way to make an entrance! Should have checked in with Gowalla really just to give other users advanced warning to avoid the cubicles. Thankfully I wasn't the only person to make contact with the overhanging light that evening! I had every intention to continue proceedings but needed to experience the following "Morning!"

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