Friday, January 22, 2010

There's Always One

SpidermanImage by rpeschetz via Flickr

In an attempt to live life to the full, I have considered eating Go-Cat. They say his name is Bobo: a cat who lives for adventure – the master of the rooftops high above our crowded streets. Sounds like the ingredients for an action fuelled lifestyle.

What would Spiderman say? Especially after last weekend, the impromptu live session which received a perplexed reaction from friends and relatives. Primarily, why?! Video status updates are great fun though and provide an easy way to share what we're doing using short clips. I want to contribute so much more, especially when rooftops beckon but the iPhone 3G doesn't have video-recording capabilities. Upgrade soon, I will likely wait for the latest iPhone although Android handsets continue to improve. Functionality will determine the overall decision, especially video-recording and although obviously unrelated I was referred to as spiderman this evening by a shop assistant, he knows...

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