Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's To Gain With Being Honest

Cat performerImage by fofurasfelinas via Flickr

It was my son's football presentation yesterday and he received a certificate for participation and an award for being in the team that won the tournament! I would like to get him into a team where he participates in a competitive league but will probably wait until next season. The same goes for horse riding but that's expensive and difficult to find the time. They enjoy there hobbies though and that's what's important!

In the evening I decided to venture out with friends and my partner. She hadn't experienced what we have become accustomed to on a Saturday night before so we were like her tour guides. For some reason the nightclub operate a policy where they let every female into the venue and the gentlemen have to queue for hours. This prompted a reaction - that actually worked - as I told the bouncers that I would need to accompany her in the queue as she was pregnant. Unfortunately I abandoned everyone else for this but those are the breaks.. What made this story even better was later in the evening the bouncer passed her whilst she was consuming a vodka mixer and in her defence she informed them that it was only water! The evening consisted of the usual blur, dancing and random conversations. I actually prefer the refurbishments to the venue and it's a decent night albeit bright with the white decor, same time next week then..
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