Friday, January 01, 2010

Thou Shalt Always Defend Our Land

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The original masterplan was to experience Ministry of Sound Live 09, which was to be the biggest NYE party to take place in Europe. Due to house party commitments and other circumstances, the majority of friends opted for alternative arrangements. Mainly due to the cost involved in celebrating New Years at a nightclub!

I decided to spend New Year with my cousin and some friends as Exclusive Parties and THAT presented Viva THAT Vegas. For those that wanted to just have fun the themed Bellagio Suite provided a mixture of 80’s favourites and club classics, Caesers Palace offered all things House and roulette and black jack tables were available at the Palms Casino where you could also get married in true Vegas style at THAT chapel, this offered potential for an amazing night. Many friends have discussed travelling to Las Vegas this year and I must admit that it's a destination that I want to experience. This would give me the opportunity to experience that even if I was only in Greenwich!

The night started with disappointment as my cousin informed that he and his partner weren't feeling well and were to return home. Thankfully I met some other friends in the queue and we were soon inside away from the cold. There, after questionable navigation around the venue, I found 'Bella' and we proceeded to experience THAT and see in the New Year! I remember checking the time regularly but don't recall the countdown at midnight. Many photo opportunities were ceased and the standard photo card presented! I had these desirable Minnie Mouse sunglasses that everyone wanted to be involved with although they were retired for the evening once a group attempted to claim them. This became a minor situation which was resolved as though I was defending Pandora, I growled at them like I was a Na'vi and I feel this actually petrified them slightly! Very funny moment! They've sent us a message... that they can take whatever they want. Well we will send them a message. That this... this is our land! Somehow we even managed to find an object that resembled a bazooka but this was soon discarded and we returned to the music. Eventually the night ended and it's a shame that I hadn't tamed the Toruk, a powerful flying beast from Avatar that only five Na'vi have ever tamed, because the taxi's were overpriced and the buses weren't exactly favourable! I believe I have a New Year's resolution now...
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