Sunday, April 26, 2009

404 Object Not Found

Picnic Network 404Image by willem velthoven via Flickr

Yesterday I joined some friends to celebrate a couple of birthdays around Bexleyheath and Greenwich. Late in the night I ended up separated from my friends and ventured outside for a burger, I wasn't prepared to pay extortionate prices for readmission so decided to face the journey home.

A few years ago when faced with a similar scenario I would have probably paid over the odds for a taxi or phoned someone to come to the rescue. Instead when it reaches that time in the night when the alcohol has taken it's toll and the homing beacon signals I have the iPhone for assistance.

Providing not only the ability to find my location but also plot the route home using public transport, locate restaurants available, listen to music, respond to emails, read feeds etc. I know that I take the functionality for granted but there is no doubt the handset has become an essential item. If only it could drive me home...

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