Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing Pains

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Being a parent can be demanding, challenging and at times exhausting but it's worth every single moment. My children are growing up fast and are flourishing with their different characteristics and personalities.

My daughter has endured problems recently with an individual causing disruption at her school. Although her work hasn't suffered as a consequence I can tell that it's affecting her. I would be naive if I expected my children not to experience issues with other children but it does cause me concern.

This evening playing football with my son she got quite upset when the ball caught her. It was a nothing instance but clearly this individual has had an emotional impact on her mental state. I'm aiming to resolve the matter quickly and have advised their mother to raise it with the school and speak to the individuals parents. It's hopefully nothing but it's always best to be sure.

Aside from the distraction at school she is developing well and has become mature, reliable and responsible. I'm proud of her achievements and I hope with her as a role model the other children will also progress well.

Football has really made the relationship with my son stronger; the weekly training and participation with him when we have the opportunity have brought us closer together. Originally when I separated from their mother he felt distant, what with not interacting with him daily and living apart. He's come to terms with the arrangement now though and I'm happy that I have someone with a real interest in football. I have been a disappointment this year in taking him to Stamford Bridge but next season I will make sure that it's a priority.

Although I spend the most time with the youngest it's not always quality time. I'm working for the majority of the week and on weekends we usually have a busy schedule so I feel I don't always meet expectations. I would appreciate being able to spend more quality time with her but respect that there are certain boundaries (age, father, work etc). She is growing fast and has become inquisitive and curious about everything, now requiring constant stimulation to keep her occupied.

Another addition to the family has been discussed but that's as far as the planning has progressed for now. I would like to experience the whole process again but obviously I am not the one that has to go through pregnancy and child birth!

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